Why I’ve given up on days off

I am a self-confessed workaholic. I actually enjoy working a 10-12 hour day and going to work on weekends.  I love my cubicle and I actually feel very at home there. No, I am not being sarcastic. I really do!  Partly because we have a total casual laid back attitude which includes flexible hours (we are so flexible I sometimes go at 6 am and sometims start my day at noon), no dress code and a foozball table.  It’s usually a mishmash of crazy intelligent smart people who have interesting and weird conversations.  But after a hectic few months and a totally upside down personal life I decided to take a day off, to relax and do nothing other than spend it at home “doing nothing”.  To make a very long disturbing story of my day terribly short, I ended up running errands all day in the heat and humidity and relaxing for 2 and a half minutes while waiting for the traffic lights to go green.  I realised I am not taking anymore days off, they tend to suck for me, and they always fall apart.

Should you scream or should you bark?

When you’re speeding on the highway and you’re not exactly in the best of moods, should you scream or should you bark? This is a serious questions, you’ve already opened the windows and you are half out of the car, which will be more beneficial? I’ve tried both. It really depends on what you want out of it. The screaming is great for “I am so angry I could anhilate a country” moods and the barking works for almost everything else. There is of course the alternative “Loud Music and Sing it at the top of your lungs that the martians can hear you” method that too works but you need songs relative to the problem you are trying to solve.