How to walk in high heels

Seriously, YouTube has some really interesting videos.

Optical Illusion [2]

I’ve always been a fan of stereography, the illusion of creating depth in a 2D image. My favorite form is Autostereogram. Quoted from wikipedia;

"An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram (SIS),
 designed to trick the human brain into perceiving a
three-dimensional (3D) scene in a two-dimensional
image. In order to perceive 3D shapes in these
autostereograms, the brain must overcome the normally
 automatic coordination between focusing
and convergence."

You basically have to go cross eyed to see the images inside the images if you are new to this and try to focus and unfocus your eyes until you can recognize the image.

3D hidden in this 2D image

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Optical Illusion

Do u usually say “I won’t believe it until I see it with my own eyes”?

Perhaps you should rethink that too.

Chocolate Bar

Imagine dark chocolate, melted and warm. In a cute porcelain cup with a candle heating it up keeping it perfectly melted and smooth. Drunk with a straw. Simply divine and amazing.



Notable Egyptian Women

I was thinking about role models, and i was wondering why we don’t have more positive Egyptian women as role models.  Women who have excelled in their fields and proven that despite the stereotype and perhaps some cultural and social barriers, they can still reach for the stars.

After a lot of googling I realized that we have many authors and poets but hardly any scientists.  As an engineer I know that there are lots of girls who do study engineering and other fields of science and there has to be women out there who made it in the field.  I am very sure that not many are famous but they are definitely successful young women.

One woman who literally does reach for the stars, Tahani Amer, works for NASA.  The interesting thing was that she originally was going to Med school, then get married at 17 and moved to the US and did a degree in Engineering which eventually landed her a job at NASA during her senior year and had four children on the way.

Think about it.

Poor little girls

I feel sorry for the little girls who are growing up in this day and age.  I am not a TV person at all but I’ve been recently hooked on Ugly Betty, and when you think about it how much do we really think about appearances in life.  It seems to me that everything is about how it looks.  I remember seeing the Dove  Evolution ad and thinking year, our perception of beauty really is warped, and then saw this ad on eating disorders  And then yesterday a scary documentary on the size double zero models. As if a size zero is not freaky enough.  I am not fat but I was never thin in my life I’ve always fluctuated between average and “could loose a few pounds” but going shopping now makes me feel “must loose a hundred pounds” every time.  Everything is designed to fit super thin women and look good on only them.

I would love to think women are mature enough to ignore this kind of negative affirmations, but unfortunately even the most intelligent women get sucked in.  And then you have the latest craze of beauty pageants in Egypt and the music videos with too good to be true measurements.  Ok, I understand the sensationalism behind it, I get it, I really do.  What I don’t get, is where are all the smart and amazingly interesting and successful women?

Instead of thinkers, philosophers and scientists young girls are all becoming little model wannabes.  As human being we need balance to live, once that balance is disturbed everything becomes lopsided.  Fashion and beauty and looking good will always be a part of any girl’s life, we are what we are and we love to look great but should it really be everything?

Why can’t I drive?

So I can’t get a driving license? It seems I have to have at least two kids or work here before I get a driving license.  It seems I might get up to something sinister if I drive. Who knows what kind of naughty things I might do if I get behind the wheel.

Seriously Annoyed

If you were a soft drink what would you be?

Question number two from the crazy questions series. If you were a soft drink what would you be? What fizzy drink or non-fizzy drink is the most like you? Personally I used to say I was a Diet Pepsi ( I hate Coke) but recently with the new Pepsi Max, I think I am a mix of both, fizzy and it sort of bites.  And yes Pepsi should only be drunk out of the can straight from the fridge with no straw to kill the fuzziness.

So, what drink do you think you are?

Hameed El Sha3ery and Dalinda

I like this song, I think it is the beat or something.

Sandstorms and castles

We were out last night with friends and suddenly it got all windy and dusty.  I know from experience with these sandstorms it has to get worse before it gets better.  Well this morning it really has gotten worse.  Here are some lovely photos from around the blog sphere.Sandstorm

Being the resourceful person that I am, I have several stay at home options:


  • Make playing card castles (yes this is my work, I used to love wasting time when I studied)