Free Software Tools

A few years back I made a pact with myself not to use any pirated software, mainly because I am a software developer and we all enjoy getting paid.  My laptop came with Norton Protection Center pre-installed and recently it started warning me to update my subscription.  So I decided to take the plunge and uninstall it and find an open source alternative.

I did a bit of looking around and decided on ClamWin which has been satisfactory so far, the interface is not as flashy as Norton but it gets the job done and it does it well and without being intrusive or tough on memmory.

I have already been using AlZip for 4 months for all my compression and decompression needs and it is awesome, it is made by AlTools, and they have other very useful utilities.

My other most recent find is Foxit,  which is a PDF reader, yes I know Adobe Reader is free but it is slooooow and bulky.  Foxit on the other hand opens up extremely fast and is very lightweight.

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall

Humpty Dumpty on the wall, before the great fall.

The question is did Humpty really fall or was he pushed? Is his name Humpty or Humpty Dumpty and he has a secret family name. Maybe the Dumpty’s thought Humpty sat on the wall too much and should get off it and get some exercise, or maybe the king’s horses and men were bored and wanted their go at trying to fix Humpty. Maybe Humpty was showing off and fell and got broken. The sad thing is at the end Humpty can not be fixed, unlike life it can mostly be fixed and even when it can not be, it can be dealt with.

To enjoy the Real Mother Goose you can find it at the project Gutenberg

Only in the movies

I came across this site and had to smile , things that only happen in movies like:

It is always possible to find a parking spot directly outside or opposite the building you are visiting.

I also find it amusing that people need never lock their cars and just leave them like that.
For the rest of the list Link

Laptop Bag

I have a thing for laptop bags, I hate the boring black kind that seems to be regular issue with most laptops, I already had a cool Timberland one but was not satisfied with it for 2 reasons. One it no longer was big enough for my new wide screen laptop the second is that it is a messenger bag and I wanted something that was more of a tote. So I spent a couple of days surfing and searching and decided that the only one’s that I fell in love with were all too expensive. So, I decided to find what was available in Kuwait, and again they were mostly the black kind or backpacks. Eureka did have a couple of models like the Abbi New York one’s, but they were too bulky. Then I saw the Macy Eastpak in a store and fell in love with it, the only catch was that it was not made for laptops, but the design was perfect so were the ample amount of pockets and the space was amazing. I decided to buy it anyway and then I had an epiphany, the bag was already padded at the bottom, I just need a sleeve and I could use this perfect. So I did, and now we all live happily ever after.


Women in art.

I saw this on YouTube and thought it was fantastic. 500 years of women in art in the west. I managed to recognize some of the portraits but the rest were unrecognizable, I am sure that is because of my ignorance of art. What struck me the most was the change in what we would call beautiful, the women are mainly chubby with full round faces, they look so much more healthier than the stick thin beautiful of today. The question was how much really does art/media affect our idea of beauty or any other thing in general. Definitely in yesteryears people were not constantly bombarded with images from TV, movies, magazines, billboards and music videos, and lets not forget the internet. I loved the video, but I thought the merging of the portraits could slow down just a tiny bit. Enjoy !


I watched Sandra Bullock’s Premonition movie last night and loved it.  Sony pictures presents a confusing movie.  Linda Quinn Hanson ( Bullock ) wakes up one day and finds Jim ( Julian McMahon) her husband dead and then the next days alive.  Her days are mixed up and Thursday comes before Tuesday and everything is so wrong.  With two beautiful girls and many unanswered questions she tries to piece everything together.  It’s like everyone and everything is against her.  The fast pace of the movie makes it enjoyable to watch and the events take place in a single week.  Bullock questions her sanity, he husbands faithfulness and her next step.  I definitely recommend this movie.

Mashrebtesh Men Neelha?

I am not a fan of Sherine’s, heck I am not even a fan of cheesy songs in general, but this one was so sweet. The words just hit me where it hurt. It’s just that Egypt is special in my own heart and even though I am officially a TCK (Third culture kid). Maybe that is the reason why I love Egypt because to this day it is a magical and mystical land to me.

“bas elle megarab fare2ha 2al fel donya mafeesh ba3diiha”

Ad Astra Per Aspera

Which means “To the stars through difficulty” in Latin.  I know Latin is a long gone language, but I have a soft spot for it, I think it’s cute and authentic and sort of different.  Like going back through time and being in a completely different time and place.  Quotes like  Carpe diem, quam minimum credula posteroSeize the day, trust as little as possible in tomorrow and  Quid pro quoSomething for something. i.e. A favor for a favor  are still used to this day in certain situations.  The beauty of being in touch with the past is amazing and intriguing.  I have never been strong in the linguistics department, even my French is average even though my mother tried to get me to learn the language for years, I can follow a basic conversation and barely keep up with a movie but for the life of me can’t make full comprehensible sentences.  Yet, Latin is different it’s magical and mystical to me.    My friends ask me what’s with the Latin quotes in my email signature and in my MSN status and I always say that it gives me a feeling of touching the past and dreaming of the future, yes my mind is twisted in so many ways you could never begin to imagine.

More Latin quotes 


Can I say that? I have no idea, I do web development for a living yet, not the word development, no design. I am a programmer I write code, I slash the code, then I start over.  I sort of updated the look a bit. What do you think?

Dress code and Foosball

I haven’t worked for a company that enforces a dress code for the last 2 years.  Suddenly I find myself going through my wardrobe looking for outfits that look business casual enough.  The thing is, this isn’t my first time having to adhere to a dress code, but I am more of a flip-flops kinda girl.  I like to wear pajama like pants and comfortable attire in general, this isn’t a case of being too lazy to dress up, it’s just that when you work 12 and 14 hours a day you really want to be as comfy as you have to.  I don’t sit still so much anyway and sit cross legged, so a nice pair of decent “need to be ironed” pants are a horror.  But then why am I complaining, I’ve never had to work for a company where people don’t talk at all.  It is so quiet I actually listen to podcasts on my ipod so I don’t fall asleep and don’t feel so lonely.  No birthday parties, no outings, no movie nights, no ordering in food, no listening to music on the big speakers so everyone gets to taste everyone else’s’ music, no playing wolfenstein, no foosball table, no darts, no punching bag, lots of nos.  And yes if you are wondering we did have all of these things, we even had morning coffee in the hallway, we had this long and narrow hallway where we would sit on the floor, feet on the wall, back to the wall and drink coffee together.  People would walk in and see a long line of developers on the floor drinking coffee, laughing, discussing politics and sometimes playing ball.  Breakfast would be served if we had any newcomers, and we’d go grab a bite and meet the new recruits.  And of course my personal favorite was flexible time.  The rule was you should work around 8 hours a day, doesn’t really matter when or how,  that probably explains why most people would show up at 10:30 till 12:00.  Of course we had our night owls who would come in at around 1 and 2 pm.  Yet, what I miss most, is the feeling of friendship and chumminess, knowing that you are part of a really big, crazy and dysfunctional family and knowing that no matter how tough the task is, how close the deadline, how bad things look, there is always something that will happen that will make you laugh and as a team everyone pulls through.