8 movies in a day and a half

Too much, seriously 8 movies is too much in a day and a half.  We were bored, Thursday night, and the weather was not exactly helping and since in Kuwait your going out options are quite limited we decided to stay in and watch a movie, the only problem is my husband got 8, and the plan was to watch 2 or 3 and keep the rest for the next weekend.

We started off with Katkoot, I don’t like Mohamed Sa3d at all, his voice is seriously creepy and annoying to me but hubby thinks he’s funny so I thought let’s get rid of this one to watch the more interesting movies later.  Then we moved on to 3omaret Ya3kubian, I had already read the book and thought it was an interesting how he built the characters and lives of these people around one building, describing the changes that occurred in Egypt over 50 years with a simple metaphor, the movie in comparison sucks.  Yes, it is an all-star cast but there was nothing there, it was just a regular Egyptian movie, good vs evil bla bla bla.  It lost the real flavor and there were lots of parts that were missing in the movie that explained more about the story that were just cut out.   Next we popped in 7arb Italia, we managed to fall asleep half way thru it, so we turned it off and started it later on Friday.  This one was interesting, the storyline more entertaining although a bit unreal for Egypt and lacked better scenery in Rome.

The Arabic movies were finished finally and we could move on to more interesting English movies.

Wesley Snipes was next in The Contractor, I didn’t like this one at all, set in London about a CIA agent who is basically an assasin, it was too I dunno, it just wasn’t my kind of thriller or action move.   The next movie was one I wanted to watch, Die Hard 4.0., I have to confess I am a Die Hard fan, I just like them, I enjoy Bruce Willis being John McLane, and this one sure didn’t disapoint me. Virtual terrorists are having a go at the US of A and are shutting down transportation, Utilities and connectivity, John has to save the country again by killing helicopters with cars and pushing people down elevator shafts.  Pretty awesome effects and the plot itself was pretty convincing.  On a different summery note, Surf’s up was next, this is a lovely movie, slightly childish but very inspiring and cute is the word that keeps popping into my head, those little penguins were sooooo cute.  Back to the cruel world, and the story of a Norse boy left in North America eons ago when it was only inhabited by the Red Indians and how they brought him up as one of their own and his story of finding his path when the Vikings return to kill more Indians, “The PathFinder”.  This one reminded me of Apocalypto but it was an ok movie overall.

And finally the one we were all waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End, yes I think Johny Depp is cute but the movie is funny and actiony and lots of things all at once.

I don’t recommend doing this, because you can OD on movies but it was fun, you also have to add pizza, ice cream and loads of chocolate sauce.

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    Nice ya Jessyz since you dont post these days i thought I should read yr older posts :)