Amr Diab’s new album

Most of my friends always find my “thing” for Amr Diab music quite weird, because it totally doesn’t fit with the rest of my music tastes.  Yes it is true and I confess, but I have a reason.  Growing up, Amr Diab always would release an album in the summer, and it would always psychologically get anchored to a happy summer vacation mood so by default any Amr Diab music just reminds me of the summer and the good days of being young and not caring about tomorrow.

This one is different, this one seems to hit home harder than the others, it reminds me of those summers more than the others and of Egypt and family and friends who are far away.  Especially the song “Tool Mana Shayfak Gambi” which might sound corny to lots of you out there, but it has a different meaning to me, I keep thinking of the little things I used to love about Egypt, and when you are far away you really do tend to forget all of the bad things, those nuisances that made you go home angry and irritated, like double parking, hot & humid weather, rude people in the streets who spit and love shouting obscenities, and many more.  You just tend to have a romanticized view of it, of sunny summers, clear weather, the beaches, having coffee with friends, going to Marina with your sister singing all your favorite songs at the top of your lungs all the way and back,  skipping a couple of hours of work to go to the pool in the summer with your best friend.

Its not about the songs, or a singer or even the music, it is about what they might represent in our subconscious, as memories and feelings.

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