The first day of Ramadan

First day of Ramadan, first Ramadan away from my family, first Ramadan as a married wife, first Ramadan where I am in charge of el sou7our and el iftar.  So many firsts, and the first Ramadan in so many years that I don’t have a fanous.  Seriously I totally forgot the fanous thing.  I have a couple of plastic Chinese singing fawanees, it is not that I am childish I just love them.  I love the old fashioned ones more, the lovely colored glass and metal casing with a candle inside.   Ramadan is a special month, the spirituality is lovely and the fact that the whole family shares the same timetable so everyone meets up at the table for Iftar everyday is lovely.  I am missing my mum and my sister already.  Every year we used to go to my grandmother on the first day of Ramadan so this year it is a bit lonely .  Y rab next year kolena sawa. Ramadan Kareem!ramadan-lantern.jpg

My trip to Egypt

So I decided I needed a break from the horribly hot weather and went back home for a three week trip.  Of course trips home are always a welcome break, so I packed my suitcase and off to the airport I went.  You are expecting me to say that I boarded my flight and everything was uneventful until I got to Alexandria.  Wrong!! I had to wait for my flight in the airport for 13 and a half hours.  Kuwait Airways sucks! I have flown many times in my life and I understand that delays are an inevitable part of flying.  The flight originally should have taken off at 8:30am, it was first delayed to 9:30am, at 9:30am it was delayed again until 11:00 am.  There was never any explanation why the flight was delayed, so we finally board the plane at 11 am, the plane finally moves to the runway and then the pilot drives back to the airport and says that there is a technical problem that was not fixed and that the engineer is going to come and fix it.  Not a very nice thought for people on a plane that they now know has a problem that was not fixed in 3 hours.  The pilot claims that it will take 45 mins to fix and that we will return to the airport to wait for it to get fixed.  So at 11:30 we are back at the terminal waiting for the flight, again!  12:30 comes and goes and it becomes 1pm and still no sign of leaving and no one from Kuwait Airways tells us anything of value, passengers are getting mad and irritated.  Finally at 3pm they tell us the flight will take off at 7 because they will get us a flight from Damam.  So go thru immigration again, call my husband to come by and have lunch with me at the airport.  He comes along and we have lunch and relax a bit.  Well it is 6:30 and no sign of the flight being called to board, suddenly the screen says that the flight is delayed to 7:45pm.  I tell my hubby to go home and go back to the terminal.  To make a long story short at 9 we still haven’t boarded a plane.  Suddenly they decide to board us and the plane leaves at 9:45pm.  And guess what, at 9:45 it was the first time anyone from KA apologized to us for the delay, it was the new pilot.  Finally at 1 am I was home.

3 weeks of running around, seeing everyone and going out were seriously heaven sent.  I can not begin to explain how great it was.

Well time flew by and it was time for me to come back.  I had to fly KA again because the first flight back to Kuwait on other airlines was on the 17th and I didn’t want to come back after Ramadan started.  So I hold my breath and go to catch a flight, amazingly it was on time (well delayed only 10 minutes, but in the world of flying that is on time).  Lucky for me I was seated next to fat and fatter,  I am not particularly tiny, actually I am a tall girl and being pregnant I am not skinny at all.  A woman and her 10 year old 100 kg son are sitting next to me.  At first they try to get me to sit between them.  I took one look at the huge arms and stare at them and say no my seat is an aisle seat and bit my tongue not to say “I am not going to squish myself between you two”.  Well I get in the aisle seat and the boy is annoyingly fidgeting on my side of the seat, elbowing me every 3 minutes and never apologizing.  After a couple of mean stares which of course did nothing I had to tell him to please stop touching me and staying on his side.   I understand that the seat was too small for him, but out of politeness he could have kept his hands to himself.  Well I was lucky to find another seat so I moved.  The rest of the trip was really uneventful and in 3 hours I was back at my home.

It was well worth it.  I was missing my Mummy and my sister like crazy so it was just perfect.  I just hope next time I have no issues with the plane.