The first day of Ramadan

First day of Ramadan, first Ramadan away from my family, first Ramadan as a married wife, first Ramadan where I am in charge of el sou7our and el iftar.  So many firsts, and the first Ramadan in so many years that I don’t have a fanous.  Seriously I totally forgot the fanous thing.  I have a couple of plastic Chinese singing fawanees, it is not that I am childish I just love them.  I love the old fashioned ones more, the lovely colored glass and metal casing with a candle inside.   Ramadan is a special month, the spirituality is lovely and the fact that the whole family shares the same timetable so everyone meets up at the table for Iftar everyday is lovely.  I am missing my mum and my sister already.  Every year we used to go to my grandmother on the first day of Ramadan so this year it is a bit lonely .  Y rab next year kolena sawa. Ramadan Kareem!ramadan-lantern.jpg


  • At 2007.10.02 14:51, nousha said:

    kol sana wenti tayeba :-)

    • At 2007.10.02 16:07, jessyz said:

      Wenti tayeba ya Nousha :-)

      • At 2010.09.02 13:52, Effendina said:

        I think that you are still missing after 3 years OF marriage all of these things , Because I still missing those things till now and I miss my mother A lot . anyway ……
        kol sana we enty tayba we Ramadan Kareem