I just read Persepolis: The story of a child and The story of a return, by Marjane Satrapi the Iranian Author/Artist. I am not sure if author is the right words here because the books are more of a graphic novel than a book. In just black and white graphics Satrapi tells her story of childhood through the Iranian revolution, the Iran-Iraq war and going to school in Austria and the coming back to Iran and doing the rest of her growing up.

It was enjoyable to read and it was a different perspective on Iran, women there, the Iran-Iraq war and the Iranian revolution. Probably becuse in the first book you feel like you are experiencing it through the eyes of a child and then a turmoiled troubled teenager in a strange land all by her self. In the sequel, you can sort of sense the growing up that has happened and is happening to the author along the pages.

The story was adapted into a movie last year using Satrapi’s signature graphic style. I haven’t seen it but I am hoping to see it soon. The Iranian government aren’t very happy with it and complained to the French Embassy.

Here is a clip from the movie.


  • At 2008.01.07 13:18, nousha said:

    I loved it too
    can’t wait to see the movie :)
    try to read “Chicken with Plums”, it’s pretty interesting bardo

    • At 2008.01.07 13:24, nousha said:

      oops, the one i liked is “Embroideries”
      chicken with plums was good, but not wow.

      • At 2008.01.07 14:34, jessyz said:

        Thanx Nousha, I’ll try and find both and read’em. 😀