She’s a doll

There is a reason why I haven’t updated the blog for so long, there always is :-)).  I finally met the little person who was living inside my belly for 9 months and kicking my insides like there was no tommorrow.  I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl who is a miniature version of myself and has the sweetest grin ( even though it is still a reflex, it is as cute as hell ).  I am trying to adjust to my new life even though I was mentally ready for it, when the baby finally arrived it was nothing like I ever thought it would be.  It has also made me have so much more appreciation towards my mum.


  • At 2008.03.25 18:31, لستُ أدرى said:

    Congratulations :)
    May you and her live as blessed.. always and always

    • At 2008.03.26 07:47, Nesrina said:

      Alf mabrouk, masha2 Allah rabena yebarek fiha and grant you both the health.
      I am so happy for your dear, congrats :)

      • At 2008.03.26 09:13, jessyz said:

        لستُ أدرى
        Thanx, its so sweet of you, may God bless you.