Walk the walk

Last Friday the Rotary Cosmopolitan chapter sponsored its sixth annual walkathon in Alexandria, for the benefit of children at risk. The objective was to walk from El Montaza to Kaitbey citadel. Those of you who know Alex well should know that it is almost 18 kms. Personally, I’ve always loved walking and I love Alexandria’s waterfront promenade or more commonly known for us Alexians the Corniche. I’ve walked from Montaza to Roushdy before so I know it is possible.  Friday morning came and the weather was just perfect, a slight breeze was blowing and a wonderfully cool sun was shining, just the weather for walking.  So I packed my little baby in her carrier and “wore” her and set off for the walkathon.  My sister and some relatives were also taking part and we all said we would walk as much as we could.  With 8 checkpoints along the route, each just over 2 km apart, we started heading for them.  The walkers started walking at 9:30 am.  There were also cyclists, runners, skaters and a kid or two with scooters.  The breakdown of people walking for charity was pretty diverse, foreigners, Egyptians, schoolchildren, adults, families and even lots of older people set off.Panoramic view of Alexandria

I was carrying my little girl so I was pretty slow and my sister and cousins left me behind to enjoy the sun at my own slower pace.  My mind wandered off and kept me company for almost 2 hours I thought about everything and nothing.  I had my ipod filled with music but it did not even occur to me to listen to it because I was having too much fun playing with my own thoughts.  I never did make it to the finish point but almost everyone else did.  I stopped at San Stefano, the third checkpoint, meaning I walked for 6.3 kms.  I suppose if I wasn’t carrying Lulu I could have gone till the end.  She slept the whole time peacefully and woke only when I finished in time for her feeding.Kaitbey Citadel

Giving money for charity is usually an easy thing to do, we don’t think about the cause longer than it takes us to take the money out of our purses and wallets and give it to the cause in need.  It is events like these that make those who give actually think about it for longer.  It also offers the opportunity to raise awareness, people kept asking me on the way why we were walking.  The less fortunate need those who are more fortunate to help them out.

On a completely different note, Alexandria is a beautiful city and we tend to forget to look at its beauty.  Lately it has become crowded and traffic jams which used to occur only at rush hours are now part of the whole day.  Its heritage and culture date back to prehistory and so many civilizations have affected and been part of its history that it is like a beautiful tapestry that just needs to be looked at.  Walking along the corniche as a whole helps us see that and think about it.

I hope that next year, the Rotary sponsors another one and that maybe then I can make it to the very end.


  • At 2008.05.29 01:19, The sister said:

    I love the pictures you took!!

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