Sometimes in the evening …

I turn on some music (Omar Faruk Tekbilek – One Truth Album), take out the coldest Diet Pepsi in the fridge and close my eyes and am amazingly moved to a different place in the world.  My own world, where I don’t change diapers, where I still have a high rolling career and where the breeze is fresh and the sun shines softly and you can hear the waves in the background.


  • At 2008.07.08 14:21, chika said:

    pepsi walla coke?! Coke takes you to a different better place :p

    • At 2008.07.09 09:45, jessyz said:

      Pepsi tab3an, I think its the taste, the packaging and the cooler ads. I am a wimp to the marketing machine.

      • At 2008.07.15 00:37, gjoe said:

        Day Dreaming is a bless and could help us live through the roughest times :)

        • At 2008.07.22 05:30, RJay said:

          Coke hands down!!