I am on dial-up!

Eeeek! Who still uses dial-up internet? I have no idea.  I’ve been on DSL for so long that the sound of the modem connecting was so nostalgic, and that was where the nostalgia ended.  My DSL connection needs to be renewed and because we pay by year we messed up the date thinking we still had a week to go instead our lovely provider just killed the connection instead of SMSing or calling to remind us.

I have become so dependent on the internet that just the feeling that for the day I would be disconnected from the rest of the world was so scary I almost killed myself panicking.  My heart pounded and my palms felt sweaty and then my claustrophobia kicked in.  I tried renewing using my credit card and it didn’t work for some reason only known to the e-Banking meanies.  Next I thought I would take the baby and go pay but unfortunately the stroller is in my husband’s car who has already left for work.  Being the ever pragmatic person that I am I seriously considered taking her in the baby carrier and going but turns out the weather forecast says its 50 degrees out there.  So in fear of grilling my daughter in the sun I refrained.

Five minutes have passed and I was already mourning all of the emails I could have sent, sites I needed to browse, blogs I like to read in the morning and the world news that I could not see.  For all I know, people might have broken up, gotten married or killed each other, how would I know without checking FaceBook.  My family might think I am dead, they worry when they get to work and I haven’t emailed yet.  I get up earlier feed my daughter and start emailing them.  How on earth would they know I was ok? Yes I do have a phone, but rarely ever use it, being in a different country just means Skype has replaced the phone when I need to call a landline, GoogleTalk is great for chatting for hours without worrying it will cost an arm and a leg and my cell phone which I used to use all the time for work and calling friends has been retired to be used for the emergency phone call and sms.  But isn’t this an emergency?

You must be wondering how come I am blogging since I have no internet right.  Oh no you’re not, I am on dial up.  I called the downstairs supermarket, which not only provides the emergency Diet Pepsi or Milk, and it turns out they sell dial-up cards. Wow! I was so happy, I felt releived. Like the clouds of Doom had just disappeared.

3 minutes later I had the card in my hand scratched and ready to log in.  Only problem is I was so used to turning on my laptop and presto! wifi kicks in and I am online and I had never used my modem on this laptop, never used a modem on Vista and wasn’t sure I had even installed the drivers for my modem.  I had even remarked to a friend that modems are obsolete and they should just stop shipping them. Well thank God that they hadn’t decided to do that.

Thankfully, I was logged in in minutes and no one killed anyone, no one got married or died ( I just checked FaceBook), my family knows that I am ok because I emailed them and I am now off to get my rss fix.

So to all of you out there who take DSL for granted, remember to say a little thank-you to it when you find yourself surfing at the good speeds and remember those who are not so fortunate.


  • At 2008.07.21 00:54, RJay said:

    i can just picture u palms sweating , pupils dilating ,sounds fading in the distance and your heart beating frantically at the very thought god forbid you would live without the internet heheh u r such a geek

    i love u sis

    • At 2008.07.20 23:43, chika said:

      ohhh…. you don’t wanna know what happens to me when I am not able to go online!! You are turning into an addict :p

      • At 2008.07.21 00:36, inas said:

        sheerup ur in 2008 u have internet it is a bleessing we usualy take it for granted

        • At 2008.07.21 00:40, jessyz said:

          LOL @ chika: I already am an addict, I just didn’t think I would hyperventilate and almost have a heart attack

          • At 2008.07.21 01:13, jessyz said:

            @RJay: That’s almost what happened, I also started to shake and cry. It is not funny! It was so scary like being stuck in an elevator.

            • At 2008.07.22 04:47, Arabista said:

              It’s crazy how much we depend on internet and mobiles and such gadgets which twenty years ago wouldn’t have been so depended upon