What is your happiest childhood memory?

My happiest childhood memory is running barefoot in the snow. What is yours?


  • At 2008.07.18 14:22, chika said:

    Hmm… Being over at my grandparents house and spending time with may father .. which is not happening now at all :/

    • At 2008.07.21 00:56, RJay said:

      sticky fresca with sand all over it yayyyy

      • At 2008.07.21 00:38, inas said:

        going to the beach evry day at summer time

        • At 2008.07.22 05:12, RJay said:

          i have another one
          me and my sister would wait for our mom to go out then we’d turn on the tv and steal the chocolate she used to stash away in her wardrobe and melt it in the microwave

          and make choccie sarnies heheh long before nutella !!!

          • At 2008.07.29 02:24, Juka said:

            Lots, but I’m going to go with this one, check it out and tell me what you think.


            • At 2008.07.29 03:27, jessyz said:

              @RJay:We still steal her hidden choccies 😉
              @Juka: That was beautiful.