45 Days

45 Days Movie Poster

45 Days Movie Poster

Ahmad Ezz El Deen (El-Feshawi)  is a rich kid, convicted of killing both his parents and is sent to a mental institute for 45 days to confirm the state of his mental health.  I am not a fan of Arabic movies in general.  I don’t like silly comedies (El Limby style) but sometimes watch out of sheer boredom when there is nothing useful to do.  But everyonce in a while an Egyptian movie truly impresses me.  This was one of those times.  The story was strong and deep.  The characters were real and portrayed superbly by the actors.  The direction of the whole thing was the cherry on top of the cake.

As the story progresses the boy tells his story to his doctor (Hesham Selim)  who is having problems of his own in his personal life.  As he flashes back to times of abuse and turmoil, you can not but help feel sympathetic towards this alleged murderer, angry towards his abusive violent father and frustrated with the passive mother.

It is a complex story told very beautifuly and simply and the ending was a huge surprise.  I was half expecting a cheesy cliche ending and was surprised when it wasn’t there.

I am not sure why the movie didn’t do so well in box office terms but I think it was bad timing or maybe just that the general Egyptian population does not enjoy movies like this.  It is a shame because we really do need better movies.  Movies are entertainment but are also part of our culture and heritage and are a reflection of societies.  Apparently we are a Limby society and will be for some time to come.

45 days, On the motor bike

45 days, On the motor bike


  • At 2008.08.08 00:15, Juka said:

    I agree, movie was non-mainstream and had the potential of being good. Part of the reason it was a box office flop at the time is that the star is Fishawy, this was too soon after his scandal and the general public still harbored animosity towards him.

    • At 2008.08.14 04:20, RJay said:

      Actually it was also because it came out at mid term exams and there was an Ahmed helmy movie out so they pushed this one

      i havent watched it yet though ill get it from carrefoure

      • At 2008.08.14 05:08, jessyz said:

        I can also give it to you if you can wait.

        • At 2008.08.16 14:51, Unique Muslimah said:

          Ah, I watched this movie at the cinema last year and was stunned at the ending, I felt paralysed and actually cried right then and there. It was such a simple, lonely movie and Feshawy really convinced me, especially at the end when he was walking the green mile to get executed. It was a film I needed to forget because it was so depressing and a reminder of what suspicions can do to a family, especially if the family has a lack of love, emotions and the traditional family values that Egyptians are proud to say they have. This is like a show of the modern Egyptian family, rich, progressing into modernity, yet leaving their spiritual and moral values behind sends them into demoralisation. Loved it, so happy you wrote about it here.

          • At 2008.08.17 05:16, jessyz said:

            I so love it when someone watches a movie and analyzes it, because everyone has their own analysis which makes the experience so much richer. I had not given the depiction of the family as a bigger picture of the Egyptian social system, but Unique Muslimah says it just right!

            • At 2008.08.21 07:45, mona said:

              Gee, Unique thanks for spoiling it! Just kidding. It sounds interesting though.

              • At 2008.08.21 15:58, jessyz said:

                @mona: not a really bad spoiler but I guess you are right I should have posted a spoiler warning

                • At 2008.08.23 22:01, mona said:

                  I really just joking, no prob!