Blog Action Day 2008: Poverty

In an attempt to help change the world, this blog is participating in Blog Action Day 2008.  This year the theme is poverty.  Poverty together with ignorance, war and disease are all intertwined.  Eliminating one of them will help with the others.  Blogging about poverty in itself might not change thing, but blogging raises awareness and can harness the collective power of the internet community.

Blog Action Day is about changing the conversation for one day to an issue of global importance. It is bloggers, podcasters and videocasters around the world collectively posting on the same issue at the same time, to trigger a global discussion and to bring to bear the diverse opinions and ideas of thousands of different people.

Ask yourself what can I do? Can you give money to charity? Can you volunteer some time? Do you have a great idea which can help?  I had blogged previously on the Girl Effect.  This is a great example of helping.  By helping one girl you can change a whole family’s life.  Maybe your take on poverty is by helping with eliminating ignorance, then do that.  The whole idea is to change the conversation and by that eventually causing change.

Half the world — nearly three billion people — live on less than two dollars a day

And unfortunately Egypt is hard hit by that number.  I will try to do another post before October 15th on this subject.


  • At 2008.08.25 23:04, inas said:

    i think the to do to a poor person is to educate him and train him and support him till he can earn his bread this my dream

    • At 2008.08.27 01:24, jessyz said:

      @inas: yes that is true, teach a man to fish