Do you hate loud commercials?

Apparently they are not really louder we just think they are louder because of the way they are made.

Generally, the producers of an ad have 30 seconds to get in a lot of information, so the words don’t have those natural pauses between them… they’re all jammed in together.

Then you add music, to give it some energy, and to fill in all those annoying noiseless gaps where the voice-over person takes a breath. Sometimes, the audio engineer will even “de-breath” the ad, deleting the sounds of breathing so more words can be fitted in.

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  • At 2008.08.07 16:26, gjoe said:

    You know what I like? Mobinil Commercials.

    • At 2008.08.08 02:52, jessyz said:

      Hehehheh yeah they have been doing some great work.

      • At 2008.08.13 03:58, inas said:

        write to them may be you can do a difference

        • At 2008.08.21 07:42, mona said:

          A lot of channels on here really have higher volume commercials for some reason.

          • At 2008.08.21 07:46, mona said:

            OK duh. I just read the whole article….got it.

            • At 2008.08.21 15:57, jessyz said:

              @Mona: hehehe seems the comercials’ volume is affecting you