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Being the geek that I am, I was looking for El 3ashera Masa2an website in search of more information on something I had seen. A powerful TV show like that should have a website right? Apparently the big folks at Dream don’t think so. I am not sure why? Actually I am not sure if their site even qualifies as a decent site. Starting with their flash intro which reminds me of the pre-Web 2.0 era, the ugly blues and the horrible music and moving onto the dancing girl screen-shots that fly all over the intro. First a countdown sequence with beep beep beep, like it is going to blow up now, then woman’s scary voice greets you with “Welcome to Dream TV”. And then lots of lovely flashes from video clips, they are of course all of women scantily clad and dancing.
I don’t get it, Dream has a lot of interesting and serious shows but they choose to portray themselves as a musical channel in their intro? Elmohem; I am still looking so I decide to ignore the intro. The site itself is ugly, has horrible navigation and just feels so wrong. I click on the link for the show and find a two liner that describes the show, a link to Mona El-Shazly’s profile that has nothing but her name and a picture.

A complete television magazine starts at 10 o’clock with the days great event and each day a new issues is discussed relaying on the real shots when possible Broadcasted from Saturday to Wednesday at 10:00PM CLT

Ok all geekiness aside, this is just zero business sense. Here is a program that is screaming cash cow and they are doing nothing to gain from it. With millions of viewers all over the world they could be getting so much money from this show alone and it is all going to waste. Ad revenue, promotional space and sponsorships all to waste.

  • Why don’t they have a schedule for the comming shows with their guest list.
  • A listing of all archived shows and their content.
  • References that they use, such as newspaper clippings, sources whatever.
  • When they have a guest they should list his credentials someplace
  • Transcripts of past shows
  • A forum or discussion space where people can discuss current events and shows
  • The ability to comment online during a show which is being aired so that people are offered more interactivity and the ability to give direct feedback.
  • Video clips of the best shows if not all of them.
  • Where are the RSS feeds so people can subscribe to all of the above
  • Where are the blogs written by the reporters or Mona El-Shazly herself?

And that is just off the top of my head.  Where are the designers?  Where is their facebook page?  Where is the ability to share clips? The multimedia?

The world has moved to web 2.0 , social networks and new tools and these people are still stuck in 1998’s version of the internet.

El Mehwar’s 90 minutes is much better but could still use some imrpovements, but that’s a totally different post.

Screenshot of the intro.

Screenshot of the intro.

Page screenshot

Page screenshot


  • At 2008.08.12 10:37, gjoe said:

    This is such a good idea. Fe3lan it could make a whole difference to have a website, i think the influence of the show would be bigger and it would be easier to interact with audience. Dah 3’eer many potential benefits tanya zay manty olty keda.
    You know what, i’ll try to find a way to convey this message to them. Mesh 3arfa ezzay, bass it is worth finding out!

    • At 2008.08.13 05:23, insomniac said:


      i think you should ask to meet someone in charge in person and present that idea of yours…

      had it been my idea, i would have done that for the heck of it… you get to experience some good ol’one o’one interaction with a decision maker (ma3 eny shakka fehom) and you know feel proud if he ends up doing something about it even if none of the credite goes to you…

      i don’t know, i am a person who likes touching whatever change i dream/think of… so here, my 2 cents…

      let me know

      • At 2008.08.13 11:29, jessyz said:

        I actually do have an email sitting in my drafts folder for me to finish off and to send to them. :-)) Need to stop procrastinating and send it off soon.

        • At 2008.08.14 04:15, RJay said:

          yeah i agree with Gjoe

          go ahead and send that email!!! u have nothing to lose

          • At 2008.08.14 04:16, RJay said:

            yeah i agree with Gjoe

            go ahead and send that email!!! u have nothing to lose

            I actually sent an email to nokia once to make an option where you could shussh (handsfree) ur phone using voice recognition

            heheh needless to say they never answered but it was pretty amusing writing the email (which i kept for patent reasons) hehhe u never know

            • At 2008.08.14 05:06, jessyz said:

              I am so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy

              • At 2008.08.21 16:20, jessyz said:

                I had to update you all, the contact emails on dream tv all didn’t work and neither did their contact form. After trying every email they on their site I finally sent to which seems to have worked. If I get a reply I will let you all know.

                • At 2009.11.26 17:52, Dan said:

                  L’émission Egyptienne EL Bit Bitek et RAYA et SKINA?
                  Avez vous regardé cette émission “Comme chez toi” animmé par deux journalistes qui ne méritent pas ce statut, qui sèment la haine dans le coeur du peuple, une émission ou la famille présidentielle se mèle par téléphone, une analyse du comportement des algériens qu’ils qualifient de tout les noms, des gens qui disent musulmans et qui portent la haine, mon dieu c’est quoi ces mentalités, c’est la fin du monde en égypte pour un match de foot, il détourne l’attention des pauves des vrais problèmes du pays, ou le fils du président , l’élite, les acteurs et les docteur se permettent de payer un voyage au soudan et le retse du peuple on lui sème la haine et les mensonges, un provèbre algérien qui dit,”Drebni ou bka, sbakni ou chka,”il me tape et c’est lui qui pleure, et se précipite pour se plaindre”, ces animateurs, aucune intéllligence médiatique, aucun débat, aucune logique, aucune expression littéraire, ils emploient le langages des chiffonières du vieux temps, à mes yeux c’est des criminelles, des bondits,
                  La verité tout ces BLA BLA BLA…..ce n’est qu’une propagande électorale bien avancée,le pouvoir veut bien se soudé avec son peuple qui ignore qu’il est une proie,a mon avis et ca ne va pas tarder et le le fils de Moubarek succédera son père au pouvoir,soutenus par un peuple ignare.
                  il n’arete pas de dire ” masar oum el dounia” (Egypte la mère du monde) l’Egypte n’est pas la mere du monde. Chaque pays est la mère de son peuple.On dit aussi que l´Egypt est ” oum larab” mere des arabe…Pourtant les egiptiens ne sonr même arabes…
                  Les deux journaliste qui anime cette emission emprofite pour atisé la haine des egyptien contre le peuple Algérien je trouve cela scandaleux. ils ajoute de l’huile sur feu.
                  il faudré qu’il arrete tous de suite cela ne changeras rien a la qualification de l’Algérie en coupe du Monde 2010.
                  Bon courage au deux Criminelle de journaliste de “Bit bitek” Stopé vos l’arme de crocodile car vous devré vous remacillé. vous navé pa bezoin d´une personne qui vous dit “bon courage, “ya 3aini 3aisa atabtab alikoum” (Ho mon coeur j’ai envi de te réconforté) car d’aprés l’expréssion de votre visage vous avez pété les plom.

                  Ces animateurs egypchien et surtout “tamer” est un malade,je dis ; Vous étiez ou quand les Israeliens ont tirée sur ghaza avec toutes les armes interdites, vous etiez ou quand tout le monde apelle pour l’ouverture du passage de rafah,….? ,Vous etes des chiens de la presidence, Vous oubliez que c’est les USA qui vous donne a monger (3 milliard de dolar par an),l’egypt est le mondiant mondial de la periode moderne.

                  • At 2009.12.05 08:11, jessyz said:

                    Dan I would love to say that my French is good enough to be able to 100% understand your comment. I don’t believe how the media played this was right. I also think that the biggest victim in this whole mess was the Egyptian and Algerian people, both were led to believe that we were at war with each other. Unfortunately it is a bigger problem than a match, a tv show or anything else.

                    • At 2010.06.03 19:44, Edulliset Lennot said:

                      juu se on aina tää kesä ku jokapaikkaan haluais mennä, mutta pankkitili ei anna katetta. ;D