I missed the opening ceremony for the Olympics

I totally spaced out last weekend and totally forgot about the opening ceremony and only managed to catch the lighting of the cauldron.  Looking at the pictures I feel so sad that I missed it.  Growing up watching the ceremony was a big thing.  I am waiting for a good version to download so I can still watch, and that is the beauty of the internet, that you can find almost anything you are looking for.  Looking at the pictures makes me really annoyed that I forgot.  So here are some pictures for your enjoyment.

Flying Dancer - Olympics 2008

Silhouted Dancer - Olympics 2008

Silhouted Dancer - Olympics 2008

Dor more of these terrific pictures click over to the Boston Globe.


  • At 2008.08.14 06:05, Juka said:

    I have a copy for you! E-mail me when you’re on Cairo soil and I’ll swing the DVD by you.

    • At 2008.08.14 07:09, jessyz said:

      That’s great! What did you think of it?

      • At 2008.08.14 22:15, Juka said:

        I’ve physically been to China in 2005, back when they were prepping, so I was mentally prepared for something mind blowing. Needless to say, despite my unrealistically high expectations, I spent quite a bit of the 4 hour opening making a mental effort to keep my bottom jaw from hitting the floor. I LOVED it! The themes, the execution, the discipline and the technology. They were basically showing off!