If I had a million dollars …

  1. Buy a house on the beach, not a summer house, an all year house.  With big balconies and verandas.   With windows that let the sun and summer breeze in.  I’d plant a little garden with tomatoes, apples and oranges.  I’d also want a tree house and a swing.

    Beach House Balcony

    Beach House Balcony

  2. I would buy my mom a BMW X5, she would look cool in one and despite for serious no nonsence exterior she’s very energetic and fun loving.

    BMW X5

    BMW X5

  3. I’d start a women training center, teach them all kinds of important life skills like weaving, sewing, cooking and child rearing.

I don’t think the money will be enough but who cares! It’s my blog and I can imagine if I want to.


  • At 2008.08.23 02:04, gjoe said:

    Ana kont ha3mel el 3aks, kont hagbly ana el 3arabya w l ommy el beet :)

    and I also know what to get Dad: an LCD with a theatrical sound system, a DVD player and the widest collection of movies!!

    • At 2008.08.23 02:19, jessyz said:

      @gjoe: Tetsawari ana neseit 5ales mawdu3 el car da, asl ana men yom ma geit el kuwait lesa mesh 3arfa a3mel ro5set sewa2a fa fakadt el amal 5alas