Noor Mania

I absolutely loved this post on Noor Mania.

I watched a couple of episodes when I was back in Egypt, when I travelled back to Kuwait and tried watching at home my husband put his foot down and said “No”.  I have to tell you that he rarely ever says “no” and usually just fools me into doing what he wants me to.  And no it wasn’t because Mohanad is cute or anything, he just couldn’t stand the Syrian voice overs and actually hates romantic mushy wushiness.  I did watch a couple of the re-runs that are played earlier in the day but got bored quickly.   What I loved most about the show was the mansion, its perfect location overlooking the Bosphoros was just magical to me.   Although there was one episode where they show Nour hiding in their bathroom from Mohanad and they had this neon yellow towell hanging.  That was what broke it for me.  Who buys neon yellow towels?!?!  Maybe in an ultra modern bathroom yes, but in a white marble one NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  How can rich people with that kind of moolah not realize that towels should match your bathroom.  Terribly annoying!  I guess I mainly watched in Egypt because I loved watching with my sister and gossiping and making fun of everything.  It’s not so much fun watching on my own.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just wait till the next season of Ugly Betty to watch something more entertaining.


  • At 2008.08.27 06:11, chika said:

    Oh yeah their mansion is amazing! and as a Syrian, I have to admit that we crack up laughing at some of their lines ! It will end soon :)

    • At 2008.08.27 06:46, jessyz said:

      @chika: I thought I just didn’t “get it”. Sometimes their facial expressions are going in one direction and the dialoge is going in a different one.

      • At 2008.08.27 12:13, Mina said:

        Salam sis
        this is the first time I have come to your blog and I have to say I love this post you did bout Noor — My mum absoultly loves it, shes got me addicted well when shes watching it I watch it with her much to the annoyance of my little brothers and sister:P
        My mum was just telling me women are going crazy over Mohanad calling their husbands Mohanad leading the men to divorce their wives
        ridicouls I must say:P

        • At 2008.08.27 15:15, jessyz said:

          @Mina: I can’t believe men are than insecure. If they feel that way they could try to be nicer to their wives, on the other hand the wives could make an effort at being prettier and treating their husbands nicely too.

          • At 2008.08.28 05:58, rjay said:

            yeah jessy we got bored watching without u

            and as much as i love mohanad i got emotionally exhausted with all the drama

            and this is something the turkish drama has with egyptian ones TOO MUCH DRAMA we always criticize shows like the bold and the beautiful to be far to slow but this is ridiculous its statistically impossible for all these things to happen to one person all the pregnancies, kidnaps, accidents and attempted murders are wayy too muc heheh

            tamer and shaw2eya is much more fun to watch yesterdday i watched the trailer for season 3 and kareem abd el aziz and ahmed el sakka are guest appearing yayyyyy

            • At 2008.08.27 22:58, inas said:

              after watching it for some time ur sis and I, we just realized that it is boring and I came to the conclusion that beautiful men are dumb, what do you think?

              • At 2008.08.28 06:27, mona said:

                I’ll be glad when it’s over. They show it on the English channel mbc 4 here, when it’s not in english and there’s no subtitles so each time I turn to 4 and find NOOR again (its on like 4 times a day). I would probably follow if I could understand the lebenese. I was at a bday party a few days ago and it was on and Muhanad was killed or beat or something and a few ladies got very emotional. I guess I can understand, if it was one of my shows like LOST or something I’d cry sometimes.

                • At 2008.08.28 23:34, jessyz said:

                  @inas: smart and cute is rare but wonderful.
                  @rjay: I am waiting for Tamer & Shaw2iya too, I guess sitcoms are more fun. I am still waiting for Ugly Betty more though :-)
                  @mona: I had never thought about the subtitling but don’t worry your not missing out on anything its more like Days of Our lives than LOST :-).