Sand Sculptures

I love sand sculptures, I think that it is great that people make them.  I love the creativity, the texture and the medium.  It is renewable fun art.

And because you should always give credit, where credit is due:
1. Holland Sand Sculpture Park Almere 1999, 2. ABSTRACT SAND SCULPTURE, 3. 15th Scheveningen International Sand Sculpture Festival, 4. Sand Sculpture Festival, 5. Sand Sculpture – Romeo & Juliet, 6. Sand sculpture, 7. Sand Sculpture -Junkyard Dog….., 8. Sand sculpture by Kirke, 9. Sand Sculpture Festival, 10. Sand Sculpture Festival, 11. Sand Sculpture Festival, 12. Sand Sculpture Festival

Created using Big Huge Labs Mosaic Maker


  • At 2008.08.04 05:28, chika said:

    I think that’s the best thing to do while at beach, besides – it will burn you – the sun I mean! This is what I will be doing next time am on the beach!

    • At 2008.08.04 12:30, jessyz said:

      Maybe we should start a sand sculpture class.

      • At 2008.08.09 02:32, inas said:

        i think it is a proof that art is enjoying ur creativity and skill even u cant keep ur creation for long