The girl effect – in a girl’s defense

A friend of mine commented about the girl effect post and told me that it was sexist.  Being forever in search of the truth and fairness I took the comment to heart and thought about it.  Was it really sexist to beleive that girls were the solution to the world’s problems?  So in my defense here are the reasons why I think girls really are the solution.

  1. Girls already make up half of the world’s population.  They are daughters, sisters and eventually become mothers.  When they are just daughters they can help their parents and when they become wives and mothers they help in their own household.  Their help might be just by helping in the house or as far as adding a second income to the house or maybe even being the sole breadwinner of the family.
  2. Grameen Bank‘s statistics (based on Nobel laureate  Mohamed Yunus‘s idea of microfinancing) shows that 97% of their clients are women.  Maybe this is because women need the money more or because they have more drive or motivation to making their lives better.  Either way this just proves that investing in a girl does matter.
  3. From the girl effect’s fact sheet, the statistics also show that:
    • When women and girls earn income, they reinvest 90 percent of it into their families, as compared to only 30 to 40 percent for a man. I find this statistic interesting because I am wondering where does the rest of the man’s money go if he is the head of a family.  If he has not yet married or had children then I might understand.  I will try to find out more.
    • The total global population of girls ages 10 to 24—already the largest in history—is expected to peak in the next decade. That’s alot of girls out there.
    • Out of the world’s 130 million out-of-school youth, 70 percent are girls. So compared to boys they really do need some extra help.
    • Research in developing countries has shown a consistent relationship between better infant and child health and higher levels of schooling among mothers.  This one proves that after all men benefit from this investment.
    • Medical complications from pregnancy are the leading cause of death among girls ages 15 to 19 worldwide. Compared with women ages 20 to 24, girls ages 10 to 14 are five times more likely to die from childbirth, and girls 15 to 19 are up to twice as likely, worldwide. Men don’t have to go through childbirth and trust me, if they tried they would all become die hard feminists.

I probably am a bit on the sexist side, what can I say, I am a girl, I have a daughter of my own and tend to think we have it slightly tougher than men, and can’t help but pick a side. :-)


  • At 2008.08.09 02:28, inas said:

    yes we r the best do u mind?

    • At 2008.08.14 04:28, RJay said:


      u know what the problem is it’s not sexits it just kind of relieves men of any resposibility to the greater good of the world dontcha think??

      • At 2008.08.14 05:07, jessyz said:

        Who care?! Men aren’t going to do their bit anways, so we might as well fix the world 😉 Just kidding, they are ok just not world saving material.