Ways to make someone happy today

I love Zen Habits, it is one of those absolutely positive blogs full of smart posts, things to help you live a happy fullfiling life and easy to do tips.  Today’s post on 32 ways to make someone happy was just perfect because I’ve been feeling down myself.

My favorites from Zen Habits list are:

Help them get ahead.
Be proud of them.
Coffee. Mmmm.
Secretly leave them thank you notes.
Love them, completely.
Be happy yourself.

My own personal favorite:
Tickle them crazy and say that you are helping them exercise.

For the whole list, clickety click here.

And to make you happy right now here is one of my favorite YouTube clips ever. I always laugh at this one.


  • At 2008.08.11 22:47, inas said:

    i think this will be perfect on the mobile phone to help you in bad days

    • At 2009.06.26 20:55, Ivan Maminta said:

      I have been on Zen Habits for a week now. Ans it is a wonderful resource. I hope this spreads out like wildfire