8 things that make an apartment a home

It took us almost a year before we really felt that our appartment was complete.  Some items are more important than others and some are the real cherry on the cake.

  1. Comfortable sofa.  We spend so much time in the living room so the sofa is a huge focal point of our home.  It was also our first purchase, we wanted something comfortable, good looking and didn’t show stains easily.
  2. Oil Burner.  I got a really pretty one from the BodyShop and a really relaxing and refreshing scent and the long burning tealight candles.  The sales lady said that the candles burned much longer than the regular and much cheaper ones.  At first I thought she was being “salesy” but I decided to try them anyways and yes they do burn for 3 or 4 hours which is more than double the time the regular ones do.
  3. Great Mugs.  I love mugs, big mugs, colorful mugs, funky mugs and mugs with a message.  They make my morning coffee enjoyable.  Whenever I started a new job I always bought a new mug, it makes the new place feel a little bit more personal and friendly.

    Pretty Mug

    Pretty Mug

  4. A great Mattress and great bedsheets.  This goes without saying but a really good mattress makes the world of a difference.  A good nights sleep is the first step to happiness and good health.  As for bedsheets, Egyptian Cotton is the best.  The higher the threadcount the better, it makes the sheets so much softer.
  5. Storage space.  Clutter depresses me, I like things to have a place.  Everything should have it’s home.  I still have lots of things lying around especially little cows and frogs that go “Moo” and “Ribbit” and Jingle when you step on them  ( they have a lovely home in a bright pink box, but my daughter is so attached to them that they follow her around all day ).  Boxes are great, magazine holders, under bed boxes, closet organizers take your pick.
  6. Good lighting.  Even the best furnished house in bad lighting looks bad.  Indirect lighting adds ambience, overhead lights are great when you need a bright environment, lamps with pretty lampshades are not only good for lights but also for decor.  I have these ice cube lights from IKEA and they are just super, they give off this warm light that makes the place feel so cozy.

    Ice Cubes

    Ice Cubes

  7. Positive energy.  Again if you act positive inside your home the good positive karma will bite you.  If you are sad, depressed and mope around all day then no matter how expensive your coffee table your home will be a dark and gloomy place.  Maybe Feng Shui is your way or maybe you are into environmental psychology but whatever you choose, a positive attitude is healthy.  My personal motto, is open spaces, good flow and lots of sunshine.
  8. Personal touches.  I love flowers and nature in general, that’s why we have large prints on the wall with flowers and forests.  My husband loves fiery colors, so we have an orange carpet.  If the home does not reflect your own personal style it will never really feel yours will it?


  • At 2008.09.27 04:07, Deee said:

    That post felt like good advice, by the third item, I started feeling comfortable.

    Oh, and I’m very big on Mugs too.. I really think drinking the first cup of coffee in the right cup sets the start of your day. Its a bit like getting up on the right side of the bed :)

    • At 2008.09.27 04:10, askandarani said:

      great tips, i need a sofa just like that, where can i find one???????

      • At 2008.09.27 07:23, mona said:

        Oh, nothings better than goooood soft sheets! Kids went to school now my bed’s calling me!

        • At 2008.09.27 11:16, jessyz said:

          @Deee: you have no idea how important my mugs are :-) and even more so my morning coffee.
          @askandarani: there’s this shop in Downtown second floor called High something or something Life I can’t remember, has good sofas, average prices and can custom make anything you like. There’s also this guy fel Hedaya menaged aslan does really nice work. ( I am assuming you are asking about places in Alex :-) )
          @mona: I am so dreaming about the day when i kiss my little one off to school in the morning for a couple of hours of well needed rest.

          • At 2008.09.27 11:16, Cesario said:

            and bookcases, they just say you’re home.I love having bookcases, with all sorts of books, figurines, colors, magazines and paper inside. Also, desks, I love those rustic colored writing desks, I have to have one in my room to feel normal. Last winter I got a bookcase and a writing desk in my room and now it’s my shrine, I rarely leave it. Also, painting the walls really make a difference and hanging a bulletin board, with all sorts of postcards hanging off of it.

            Unfortunately, I am not very organized . Sometimes I actually crave clutter, which drives my mother crazy, but I call it chaotic genius.

            • At 2008.09.27 13:03, jessyz said:

              @Cesario: heeheheh yes a library or bookshelves are awesome, I have so many books and so does my husband that I think we are going to need a larger one very soon. My dream is to have a library or study room with books from the floor to the ceiling all around. I have yet to find the perfect desk and I do love the old fashioned secretary style desks because they have character. I also like painting walls, but in this apartment it’s all an off white color which makes the rooms look larger and harmonizes the whole place. I have a huge postcard collection which I love and am planning to frame them and hang them in my daughter’s room soon isa.

              • At 2008.09.27 20:22, gjoe said:

                7elow el post dah awy!! Let me add: A big fridge :$

                • At 2008.10.09 15:12, inas said:

                  a bathroom mat and a good loofa