Before I die I want to

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  • At 2008.09.04 14:23, chika said:

    Before I die I want to find true love!

    • At 2008.09.04 15:38, jessyz said:

      Ah yes! true love is very elusive, insha Allah you will.

      • At 2008.09.05 19:32, Basbousa said:

        Before I die I want to make history

        • At 2008.09.06 00:36, jessyz said:

          @Basbousa: what kind of history?

          • At 2008.09.07 01:35, gjoe said:

            Before I die, I want to help some non-muslim know about Islam, or inspire at least one muslim to be a better muslim.

            • At 2008.09.07 02:21, jessyz said:

              @gjoe: A very noble thought, allah ye3eenik.

              • At 2008.09.07 10:03, Juka said:

                Jessyz, you didn’t tell us what yours was.

                Now that you have me thinking about it, this is such a long list! For the time being though:

                Before I die, I want to write a best-seller.

                • At 2008.09.07 14:34, Nerro said:

                  I want to publish a book about women in my family

                  • At 2008.09.07 16:44, jessyz said:

                    @Juka: I am going thru one of those phases in life where I really can decide what I really want to do, but I am going to think about it. Waiting for that best-seller ;-).
                    @Nerro: I like that, the women in my family are more interesting and colorful than the men. Have you started writing? 😀

                    • […] been thinking about the things I want to do or see before I die ever since I posted about it (yes I sometimes think too much).  So here is a list of things in nor particular […]

                      • At 2008.09.08 11:06, Nerro said:

                        not yet :)

                        • At 2008.09.08 14:35, jessyz said:

                          @Nerro: Leh ba2a lesa?

                          • At 2008.09.11 02:38, Cesario said:

                            To become the person I’ve always dreamt of becoming, travel as much as possible, realize the meaning of life, dive by the side of a white shark (if she’ll let me, always thought it would be a girl shark called “sharky”) and comprehend my father’s advice before it’s too late.
                            These are just a few, the problem is that the list keeps growing :)

                            Nerro: that’s a great one, I’ve always contemplated the idea, but maybe in a more of a documentary form.

                            • At 2008.09.11 12:33, jessyz said:

                              @Cesario I like sharky already. The list is scarily elastic.

                              • At 2008.09.11 14:21, Nerro said:

                                jessyz: 3ashan ana kaslana 😀
                                Cesario: alllah…that sounds really cool

                                • At 2008.09.11 14:45, jessyz said:

                                  Nerro ana momken a3melek my cheer leading dance if it will get you started.

                                  • At 2008.09.14 10:52, Nerro said:

                                    lol Jessy, I would love to see that 😀
                                    I am determined to do it sometime soon isa

                                    • At 2008.09.14 18:45, jessyz said:

                                      heheh 3adi ta5ayalini labsa one of those skimpy cheerleading outfits with pompoms, we ment a7tchi bantalon esteretch we tchob carina 3ashan el 7igab bas we batnatat we ba2ol Nerro Nerro Nerro.