Cupcakes make me happy

Because they remind me of my childhood

Because they remind me of birthday parties

Because they make me smile

Because I learned to make them on my own

Because I made the icing all by myself

Because they look so cheerful and colorful

Because they are chocolatey

Because I can


  • At 2008.09.28 09:56, Qwaider said:


    • At 2008.09.28 14:35, RJay said:


      they look scrumptious!!!

      • At 2008.09.28 15:01, jessyz said:

        @Qwaider: they were yummy
        @RJay: I have loads of sprinkles and cocoa left, so I am baking a batch especially for you on Tuesday isa.

        • At 2008.09.28 15:02, mona said:

          Yum is right! I can’t find a cupcake pan here in Egypt!

          • At 2008.09.28 17:20, Juka said:

            They look delic!! :)

            • At 2008.09.28 20:00, Basbousa said:

              Yummy. Lovely looking cupcake

              • At 2008.09.28 22:14, jessyz said:

                @mona: I think I’ve seen them at Zahran.
                @Juka and Basbousa: thanx, it was my first attempt so I sort of screwed the icing but there is always a next time 😀

                • At 2008.09.29 04:19, marooned84 said:

                  u know what reminds me of birthdays? coloring books!

                  oh, and I never ate cubcakes, birthday or no birthday. life is so unfair!

                  • At 2008.09.29 08:37, Fatemeh said:

                    Mmmmmmmm, cupcakes.
                    I actually really like eating the cake batter, too! 😀

                    • At 2008.09.29 15:10, mona said:

                      Thanks Jessyz, I’ll have to check… you know if they sell the cup cake liners here? the paper that goes in the cupcake pan? I’m asking too much aren’t I?

                      • At 2008.09.29 23:19, jessyz said:

                        There’s a shop in Alexandria called Moteir that sells home baking supplies. so I am sure they are available in other places too. I’ve also seen them at Metro.

                        • At 2008.09.29 23:33, jessyz said:

                          @Fatemeh: me tooooo, I think it’s the most enjoyable part of baking.

                          • At 2008.10.05 15:41, Nerro said:

                            I am not into sweet stuff in general, but cupcakes make me happy. on my 30s birthday a friend of mine baked me lots of cupcakes with pink icicng, I loved them..I actually considered them the best present I’ve ever had in my life

                            • At 2008.10.08 07:51, jessyz said:

                              @Nerro, what a nice sweet friend. I baked chocolate ones with green icing for my sister and she was on cloud number 9 for several days.

                              • At 2008.10.09 15:11, inas said:

                                yasmina is funny

                                • At 2008.10.27 20:07, DAVE said:

                                  CAN SOMEONE HELP ME TO FIND CUPCAKE SHOP IN EGYPT!!


                                  • At 2008.10.27 20:44, jessyz said:

                                    @Dave: There’s a cupcake shop in Alexandria called Sprinkles in Kafr Abdou, their phone number is +203-5469593. I have no idea about Cairo though. Good luck!