Google Chrome currently being tested

I like being an early adopter, well I try, so as of two minutes ago I just adopted Google’s Chrome browser.  The interface is quite new with the tabs being above the buttons.  After years of using Mozilla’s Firefox Chrome is different, I miss the status bar at the bottom of the screen, the ability to tweak everything to my heart’s desire and all of the addons and extras.  Here is my 15 minute conclusion:

  • As for speed I think it might be slightly faster than Firefox but I am not sure if that is just because of the newer cleaner cache.
  • It is still open source so I like that too.
  • I also like the “speed dial” thingy so you can directly access your most used sites.
  • It is built with google gears in mind
  • It is built from scratch.
I don’t like:
  • Still new so no addons and other features
  • The interface is not very pretty
I am still making my mind up, but in general I think I am going to like this one
To get your own Chrome go to :
The comic made by google to introduce chrome.


  • At 2008.09.03 23:39, Ahappyhijabi said:

    I got a chance free from the evils of online classes and I saw your comment. thanks so much :)

    I’m swamped in emails… paperwork and the fact that I haven’t eaten in a few days is driving me crazy

    • At 2008.09.04 01:00, jessyz said:

      @ Ahappyhijabi: thanx hun! go have an apple or something, low blood sugar is baaaaaaaaad.

      • At 2010.02.01 01:23, christian said:

        Our team has been awaiting Google Chrome’s widgets for forever … At this point I’ve played with 6 of them and have been impressed with the extensions. Firefox has begun to slowed with use and the extensions are necessary.

        • At 2010.02.01 04:44, Mr. Christian said:

          We’ve been waiting on Chrome’s addons for a long time – Up to now I have used 8 extensions and am awed with the plug ins. Mozilla Firefox has always slowed with use and the extensions are needed.