Just thoughts

I was thinking and just decided to post this as a rant.  I was thinking about women’s issues in general because of the Kolena Layla campaign (if I can call it that).  I love empowered women.  I tried to start blogging about great examples of Egyptian women a while back and got stuck.  I still manage to find examples which still make me proud even if it is for simpler reasons (like businesses or bloggerettes turned authors).   Is it because there are not a lot of examples? or is perhaps because they are not celebrated as much?  I know think more about women’s rights, education, health and general well being now that I have a girl of my own.

I was very lucky to have been blessed with an amazing set of parents who thought that we could do or be whatever we wanted as long as it wasn’t harram.  Their line was drawn there and only there.  It is hard to argue with religion because those kind of values do not budge when society does.  They taught us (I have a super younger sister too) that we could think for ourselves.

It is all about mindset, beleifs and the basic idea that we have rights, even if they are very simple ones.  It is all about teaching girls to be balanced, strong individuals.  The media is not helping either, and this is confusing girls.

Even girls who do have a choice are confused.  Do they want to be successful?  Should they look like super models? Should they get married or follow their dreams? Do they want to have kids right away or do they want to wait?  Do they want to stand out as innovators, leaders, inventors and owners? Do they want to follow?

A total rant.


  • At 2008.09.11 13:19, nesrina said:

    Loved those thoughts ya Jessy, I have to admit I have similar ones too. can’t agree more that “even girls who do have a choice are confused”.
    btw, I do love and respect your blog a lot.
    Great job begad !

    • At 2008.09.11 14:07, jessyz said:

      @nesrina: thanx, the problem is I always have these thoughts swimming in my head and I always feel that I am not articulating them properly so I usually refrain. I love your blog too :-))

      • At 2008.10.09 15:24, inas said:

        to a man or a women it does not matter what matters is being efficient for urself and others. lets come together and ignore media and make our own image i think we started already lets say it in loud voice to make people hear it we r not barbies or betty boop we can be that at home in private but we are: Madamme Currie, Martha Stuart, Al-Sayeda 3a2esha, Al-Sayeda 5adeega, we are the unknown mothers, wives, working women, raising happy kids, and loving and caring for happy husbands. we r successful and efficient and we must beleive in ourselves