Kolena Layla

There are so many forms of abuse against women in Egypt and the Arabic world.  I know that there is also alot of inequality and unfairness towards women, but I think physical abuse or even emotional abuse should be dealt with first.  When a husband beats his wife because “he is the man” it crushes her soul and it sets the worst kind of example for their children.  The boys learn that this is acceptable behaviour and the girls expect this to happen to them and learn to accept it too.  When a man verbally abuses his wife to make himself feel better he is just proving that he is a “small” man.  When a father differentiates between his children because of their gender he is setting the ground for larger problems.  From a religous standpoint this is harram, we are all equal and we all deserve respect.

This is just off the top of my head to start off the topic of supporting this year’s “Kolena Layla” blog action day.

For more info head over to the blog or send them an email.


  • At 2008.09.10 16:52, Basbousa said:

    Thank you for bringing awareness about such an important issue.

    • At 2008.09.10 20:51, jessyz said:

      @Basbousa: why don’t you join in too, I am sure you would have some inspiring hijab/women related things to say.

      • At 2008.09.11 01:47, Cesario said:

        I think that the solution lies within changing the mindset of women and giving them the power to first recognize the error within the society and then saying “No” and standing for themselves. To add a bit of hope, there’s a badawie woman that my sister knows, whose father (he wasn’t that educated himself) educated her really well (contrary to what usually happens) and now she has her own successful business. I know that it’s a bit far from the subject, but there are people who recognize the power of women.

        • At 2008.09.11 01:55, jessyz said:

          @Cesario: I totally agree with you, I also believe that in many cases the women bring it onto themselves of course there are many cases too where it is caused by things in society which we have been conditioned to accept. I actually love when parents raise strong, intelligent and amazing women. Kudos to that dad!

          • At 2008.09.11 02:32, Just thoughts | Chocolate Mints In a Jar said:

            […] to post this as a rant.  I was thinking about women’s issues in general because of the Kolena Layla campaign (if I can call it that).  I love empowered women.  I tried to start blogging about great […]