Sisters are doing it for themselves

The amount of young women starting up their own creative business endeavours makes me proud.  I am what you could call a simple feminist.  I am all for girl power, equal rights and strong women but with good traditional family values.  I love that these women are creative.  I love that they have passion for what they are making and that they are selling it.  I am seeing groups popping up on facebook every day by women selling jewelry, accessories and home accessories that they have made themselves.  I am also seeing lots of women who are selling clothes that have been bought in from abroad.  Although I am more proud of the women selling their own handmade goods because I think this is better for the economy and overall future of the country because it creates pride in Egyptian goods and should eventually create a productive society instead of a consuming one.

Here are some of the great examples that are on facebook:

Shakmageya copper jewelry.

Fofo hand painted t-shirts and bags

Crochet and Knit Lovers the name says it all.

Hand Touch handmade purses and bags

Personalized Accessories I just wish that they could come up with a catchy name like their lovely pendants and rings.

Any of these products would make a lovely gift.  Most of these artists offer personalization and special orders.  I also find prices amazingly fair and affordable.  If you have this kind of talent you really need to be out there making your stuff and selling it.

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