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Book Cover

Book Cover

I asked my sister to get me this book from Egypt when she was coming because I had read a couple of reviews and was interested in what she had to say.  I am always interested when young Egyptian female writers get published.  I’ve always thought that the younger generations have lots of things to say especially the women.  Amy, a senior editor at Enigma wrote a column that became a book.

I was sort of surprised that the book was only 94 pages, to me that’s more of a booklet, it is shorter than our washing machine manual.  Nevertheless I read it all in a couple of hourse.  It has been called Cairo’s “Sex and the City”, but I have to disagree.  The book is about Amy’s trials at dating, Amy having to deal with what she calls Cairo’s elite society and Amy’s writer’s block.  To be fair, the book was funny, light and entertaining but has no depth whatsoever.   I always hope that once I put a book down it leaves a lingering aftertaste in my brain that I can think about.  Once you put it down it is over.  Again, to be fair her writing style is funny and very personal and you can clearly see her character and soul in it and you sort of feel that she must be a fun bubbly character you would enjoy having coffee with.  It is more like a diary than a book.

So if you are looking for something to read at the beach or perhaps on a train ride then this might interest you.  If on the other hand you were expecting deeper insights into Egypt’s society than go look someplace else.

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  • At 2008.10.17 12:16, mona said:

    Good review, lol at the washing machine manual comment.

    • At 2008.10.21 21:15, gjoe said:

      I Love the Review.. ana 3omry ma2reet el ketab.. w koll lamma ashoofoh fe ayy 7etta mesh 3arfa leeh i always think many times before thinking of buying it 😀 .. dayman ba2ool “howa maloh so3’ayar keda leh”

      • At 2008.10.22 07:16, jessyz said:

        @mona: washing machine manuals are very entertaining and important to read :-)
        @gjoe: if I had seen it I would have passed on it too, when I read something it should either be long enough for me to enjoy or a super book so it won’t really matter how long it is.

        • At 2010.05.09 21:03, Blake Rogers said:

          Are they not going to change the cast of Sex and The City ? the girls in there are getting old already..,,