Blog Action Day 2008: Trying to Blog away Poverty

I had this whole serious and organized post in my head about the statistics and numbers regarding poverty, but then decided to do something else.  You can do 3 things today and everyday to help get rid of poverty in the world.

  1. Spend just two days on less than 2 dollars. You should count in the money you spend on food, coffee, internet, phone calls.  I am sure we all surpass that 2 dollars by a lot every day.  Millions of people have less than that.  It creates compassion and understanding.  Even spending no money at all you still have a home, warmth or AC depending on where you live, nice clothes, an education and so much more.
  2. Give thanks. Say Al 7amdullillah alathi 3afana wafadalana 3ala katheeren men 5alkih.  It is not by your own doing, it is a great bless from Allah.  Remember that.
  3. Donate to the charity of your choice.  Give away extra food to your nearest food bank.  Give away the clothes you no longer wear to charity.  Donate money to a charity in need.  Volunteer some of your time to a charity or teaching poverty stricken children something useful so they can monetize that skill now or later on in life.

We all live in excess.  We are lucky but we must never forget others around us.  Living in a third world country poverty can be easily seen around is in the beggars in the street and in the slums alot of our fellow citizens live in.  We eat more than we need, spend more than we need and definitely own more things than we need.  I am by no means suggesting that we become misers but on the contrary, let’s all become more generous, compassionate and pro-active.


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    • At 2008.10.15 10:40, inas said:

      i agree we have too much we have to give much more may god helps us to enjoy giving more than taking

      • At 2009.05.22 10:44, Доминика said:

        Класно! Нашел, наконец толковый блог на просторах интернета) Ура!