Hmm I wonder

I got tagged by Mama Mona to do this tag on the bloggers I wonder about.  She tagged me ages ago but I was super busy with everything else and didn’t have the time to post about it.  I spent two days thinking if I wonder about bloggers or not and realized I sort of occasionally do but not enough to post anything even remotely interesting.  Yet, I am still a very curious person and I do wonder about other things.

I wonder about the sad faces in the streets, why are they sad.  About the happy faces, what has them so happy?

I wonder about the future. What will happen?  How will things change? What will stay the same?  Who will change? Who will stay the same.  I used to stress myself worrying about the future and what would I do if things went wrong.  A while back I remembered all of the times things went really wrong and bad in my life and realized that all of those events are just distant memmories and that everything in life eventually when looked at from the future becomes nothing more than just a faint memmory; some even get completely lost as you get older and gain more perspective in life.

I wonder why people are sometimes very rigid in their thoughts.

I wonder why people would ruin relationships, marriages and friendships over money.

I wonder why anyone would buy a masculine car like a HUMMER and then paint it with glitter paint.

I wonder how we ever lived before cell phones and the internet

I wonder about other cultures.  I love reading and watching documentaries about exotic and different countries and their cultures.  I am fascinated by history.  I find that fashion, cuisine, languages, landmarks, literature, ideas, poetry and even wars interesting.  From the Egyptian Pharos to Babylon to Modern day Japan; they all have their own thing and it is just amazing.

I wonder about how people lived in the past and how they will live in the future.

I wonder how authors sit down and write novels, composers create great music, architects design great buildings, how anyone can create a work of art from his own imagination be it a rocket or a tasty new dish.

I wonder about love, how fragile it is yet how strong it can keep people together forever.

I wonder about motherhood, how even though it is exhausting it is the most inexplicable bond in life.

I wonder about everything and anything.  I love the simple process of just letting one thought flow and grow into the next.

What do you wonder about?


  • At 2008.10.13 18:07, chika said:

    I wonder about and question love and relations in general in life.. I can’t figure how things work out or why they are destroyed, so I came to the conclusion that I have to take it easy and not worry that much

    • At 2008.10.13 20:08, Mohaly said:

      I wonder why it is so hard to find our soul-mates!

      I wonder why it is so hard to have a win-win in our personal and business relationships!

      • At 2008.10.13 21:13, inas said:

        I wonder about people making them selves miserable and ignoring the simple things in life that can make them happy like a blue sky a beatiful sunset a smile of baby a favor from any one life is simple and enjoyable if we beleive so

        • At 2008.10.14 05:56, jessyz said:

          @chika: at least we came to that conclusion
          @Mohaly: I think finding a soul mate is hard but definitely rewarding at the end, but I also think that before finding a soul mate you need to have done enough soul searching and cleansing and the mate will come to you.
          @inas: nas 3ageeeba walahi! :-) or ignoring their mother because she asked them to reorganize the cupboards.

          • At 2008.10.14 11:31, Mo said:

            U know what i really wonder about ???? When did everybody become sooo philosophical???? 😉 but then that’s just me

            • At 2008.10.14 11:53, jessyz said:

              @Mo: trust me, too much time = philosophical moods. You’re probably just very busy with more important things.

              • At 2008.10.15 12:00, gjoe said:

                I wonder if I should be doing something totally different with my life.

                • At 2008.10.16 11:28, RJay said:

                  I wonder what different paths I’ll walk ,what person i’ll evolve in to , i wonder what surprises fate has for me in my future

                  i wonder when i’ll die and how, i wonder what the love of my life looks like, what he smells like , does he have dimples when he smiles

                  i wonder what my kids will be like

                  I wonder when the world will end i wonder if i’ll be there

                  i wonder about ppls secrets i wonder …alot