“Pithecanthropic mountebanks” Captain Haddock

Because only Captain Haddock says it best.

Sometimes you want to curse and swear so here are some of the Captain’s funniest curses (which are really not swear words)

  • “Nitwitted ninepin”
  • “Logarithm!” I am not sure how that’s an insult but I hated logarithms when I was still at school.
  • Interplanetary-pirate!”
  • Bashi-bazouks!”

In Arabic the funniest one was always “Alf alf alf melyon la3na” ألف ألف ألف مليون لعنة

Sources: Captain Haddock insult generator (yes there is such a thing) and Captain Haddock‘s insult categorized by book.


  • At 2008.10.28 17:14, Nerro said:

    “Logarithm” is sure an insult, come on 😀

    • At 2008.10.28 17:54, mona said:

      I’ve never seen the Captain, but this post is funny. We used to imitate the looney tunes type gibberish cursing “ratchetsmatchet!” My favorite Arabic one is Gatak siteen Neela! I think it means something like sod off but its funny. Also I like saying “Ghalat Ghalat we Siteen Ghalat!! Everything is worse x60!

      • At 2008.10.29 11:20, inas said:

        i prefer gatak nilla of Mary Monib

        • At 2008.10.30 23:19, jessyz said:

          @Nerro: well it depends how you look at it, bas howa akeed if I tell someone “ya log” it will be a cool insult.
          @mona: you’ve never read TinTin? heheheh Gatak Neela only works if you can do the impression.
          @inas: yup, you do that one really nicely.