Things to do in Kuwait

More than a year ago, when I moved to Kuwait, I wondered what could be done in Kuwait.  Last week my mother and sister were visiting for Eid and we discovered lots of interesting things that could be done.  Needless to say these activities were so much more fun because they were with me but I am sure you could still enjoy yourself on your own.

Marrakesh Decor was amazing

Marrakesh Decor was amazing

Dining out.  We went crazy trying different cuisines.  Our favorite was Wasabi a Sushi place, followed by Marrakesh a Moroccan place.  The rule was if you can’t pronounce it then you should order it.  We also had Indian and Chinese at Magha El Mahal.

Shopping, which I don’t usually enjoy was enjoyable this time.  I probably tried on dozens of different hats on my daughter and took funny pictures, so if you saw a crazy momy with a little baby girl with huge hats on her head that was probably me.

Color Me Mine selection of ceramics

Color Me Mine selection of ceramics

Pottery painting.  There’s a lovely little Color Me Mine cafe at Marina.  We spent 2 hours painting on ceramics, drinking coffee and generally having lots of fun.  I love doing Arts and Crafts but I am a bit painting challenged but it was not as difficult as I had expected.  My sister was the smartest one and chose a Mug that had a message on it so all she had to do was color it in.  My mother and I painted coasters which turned out to be harder because you have to use your imagination completely.

Fishes in the Aquarium

Fishes in the Aquarium

Aquarium and Imax:  I had already been to the Aquarium but not to the Imax shows. We went to two shows, one about Egyptian Mummies and another about Going to the moon.  They were amazing and the experience was really worth it.

The beach.  We all went to Nadi Ras el Ard and had a swim.  My sister got my daughter a huge yellow float with a little mini chair so she was so happy sitting in it in the water splashing around and kicking her feet like there was no tommorrow.

The musical fountain at Al Koot was also a wonderful show.  The weather was pleasant and we enjoyed the show.

We also went to the Moubarkeya Souk.  Lots of very interesting things were on sale and just the fun of browsing was enough, it is seriously worth a visit for a taste of a more authentic Kuwait.  You can buy copper items, bu5ur, silver and wooden boxes and so many different and interesting things.

There were other things which we wanted to do and see but didn’t have enough time.  We wanted to go ice skating and to the Zoo.  Next time insha2allah then.

Hope you all had a wonderful and interesting Eid too.


  • At 2008.10.12 15:03, chika said:

    well yes, if one is opened to different activities there are lots to cover here. glad you and your family enjoyed it

    • At 2008.10.12 15:12, jessyz said:

      Yeah it just takes a while to figure out all of the things you can do. Hope you had a great vacation too.

      • At 2008.10.12 16:29, mona said:

        Sounds like some fun stuff. I’d totally paint pottery and hit the Aquarium.

        • At 2008.10.13 14:58, RJay said:

          the fountain didnt really impress me though its more of a relaxing way to have a cup of coffee but not really an event

          • At 2008.10.13 16:44, inas said:

            u rediscovered kuwait and urself

            • At 2008.10.13 17:00, jessyz said:

              @mona: I loved the pottery thing too, it had been a very long time since I hadn’t dabbled in any arts and crafts stuff
              @RJay: hehehehe when you live here you learn to lower your expectations.
              @inas: yes I did, thanx for everything