Accidental Branding

I just finished reading Accidental Branding: How Ordinary People Build Extraordinary Brands
by David Vinjamuri. It is a book about how ordinary people built extraordinary brands. They were people who needed a product, built it themselves, marketed it and built huge businesses; all without no formal business education at all.
The book tells the stories of these entrepreneurs. Even though they come from different backgrounds they have common traits which have made these businesses work.  Vinjamuri says that the rules for brand building are:

  • Do sweat the small stuff
  • Pick a fight
  • Be your own customer
  • Be unnatural persistent
  • Build a myth
  • Be faithful

His chosen entrepeneurs vary from people who started out as a camper (Roxanne Quimby of Burt’s Bees), cyclist (Gary Erickson of Clifbar), two housewives (Julia Aigner Clark of Baby Einstein and Gert Boyle of Colombia Sportswear), someone who wanted to shave (Myriam Zaou and Eric Malka of the Art of shaving), a man with a coat (John Peterman of J.Peterman) and someone who sent emails to his friends (Craig of Craigslist).  I loved the way he just describes his interviews with them and how they tell there stories.  It is not a get rich quick book or even a book explaining how you can become an entrepeneur, but rather an inspiring book about truly inspiring people and their work.  The rules can be applied ot anything in life that you want to succeed in.  Sometimes in life we need a simple reminder that no matter what we aspire to do there are people out there who have done much greater just by believing and persevering in what they wanted to do.

What Mommy does all day

What a Mommy does all day

What a Mommy does all day

Are Egyptians really bad?

I had this discussion with a friend/second cousin of mine that I thought was really interesting.  He had this idea that as Egyptians we look down on citizens of countries whom we think are less than us.  We are mean, snobby and bullyish to them.  On the other hand when we meet people from more developed countries we act like know it alls to overcompensate for our lack of skills.  His conclusion was “everybody hates us”.  He was half joking but I think there is some truth in what he said.  For example some Egyptians think that they are better than the Indians, but are we?  They have surpassed us in fields like information technology but we still like to act that we are better.  How about the way some Egyptians suck up to Americans and Europeans.

As usual this is not a generalization, this happens from some Egyptians not all of them.  Just think about it and let me know what you think.

100% female

I totally freaked.  I found a link on Hani’s blog, to a browser cache test that can tell from your browsing history if you are male or female. Turns out I am 100% female, I was shocked because I am a geek and thought some of my browsing tendancies would be male.  Maybe my time on geeksugar tipped them off?  Or my late night browser/window shopping for jewelry, handbags and sofas was the reason they figured me out.

Go here and try it out.

Gender Test Results

Gender Test Results

Makes you rethink your privacy and security.

Crazy people yelling in the street

From Indexed.

Friday’s five: Smells I love

  1. Vanilla
  2. Musk (The Body shop’s white musk is the best)
  3. Coconut
  4. New baby smell
  5. Sandalwood

Arabic Fonts

I have a real issue with Arabic fonts.  There are some really good blogs out there in Arabic but I always have a problem with arabic on-screen fonts.  I don’t know if this is a problem with anyone else or if it is just me.  The font is either too small or the spacing is too tight.  Unless I make the font a couple of times larger than I usually like it in English the readability is not good enough.

Out of the Comfort Zone and into the Zone

I confess I have found a zone that I am way too comfortable in and don’t seem to be able to find my Zone.  I can hear you sniggering back there, these two zones are very different.  You know the kids who can go into an exam and totally zone out everyone else, well I used to be one of those annoying kids.  I remember I once finished an exam and discovered that a huge fight had just taken place between two students.  The comfort zone is where you where your pjays all day long and think it is ok to do so for days on end and only take them off when they go into the washing machine.  When you don’t go out of your way to try new things or do things differently.  The only way I get motivated is by being challenged and unfortunately there’s a lack of challenge around here these days.  So *drumroll please* I have decided to get out of my comfort zone and into the zone.  I still haven’t decided what to do, but the decision in itself is a big step.

My mother and my daughter

My daughter was just playing with her new favorite toy, a half empty water bottle which she shakes and throws and makes different sounds with.  I called her name so that she would turn around, she did and gave me the same exact look my mother gives me when she’s concentrating and someone breaks her concentration.  It is a mix of boredom and annoyment.   It is so cute and freaky at the same time.  She is determined and focused when she crawls, curious in everything around her and wants to hold everything.


I’ve been having the strangest dreams.  Dreams of people long forgotten and things I would love to do.  People I have not seen in years keep visiting me in my dreams,  sometimes they say nothing at all and sometimes they tell me strange things.  Fights with people I would really love to fight with.  It is like my dreams have found a way to open that safety valve that keeps everything in order and in check.  Every feeling, unsaid word, angry emotion or confused one, seems to have found a way into my dreams.  I wake up feeling liberated, confused and much lighter.  I am angry, very very angry.  I just wasn’t sure how angry I was until I saw the anger over and over again in my dreams.  Frustration from so many different people and situations.  I have learned the art of self-restraint, and have managed not to confront lots of people whom I am angry with.  Perhaps, because I have learned as well, that over time you forget and it is better to leave some things unsaid.  Time is the best healer but I have also read somewhere that time is a great wound opener.  I would rather not say everything that comes pops into my head than hurt the people I do care about.  Back to the dreams, one of the most interesting ones is when I dream that my car which I had to sell when I move to Kuwait, is stolen and I keep looking for it then I find it but it’s brand new, or the one when I find my cell phone which was stolen in real life.  Maybe I am looking for things which I feel were taken away from me.  Do you have a recurring dream?  What do you dream about?