1514MB in Gmail

Gmail Quota

Gmail Quota

When I got a Gmail invite in June 2004 (I did beg for it), I thought yaay 1GB worth of email that’s more than I could ever need.  Today after emptying my trash, deleting spam and any other useless emails I realized I had filled 21% of my quota.  I still have lots to go but I do delete emails which I find useless and not worth keeping yet I still have managed to accumulate 1.5 GB.  I am not sure if that is because I like to keep good email or because I have lots of important attachments which I also like to have saved.

It reminded me of the time I bought my first 1GB harddrive many many years ago and I also thought at the time why on earth do I need all that storage for.  After building a large collection of ebooks, the introduction of digital cameras and lots of good songs later, I now know that you will always find ways to fill up all that memory.


  • At 2008.11.06 23:26, Qwaider قويدر said:

    The way Gmail raised the bar was so amazing and revolutionary that everyone just followed in their foot steps.
    Thank you Gmail

    • At 2008.11.08 17:15, jessyz said:

      @Qwaider: they sure did, not just the quota but the labels, the way you can search and everything else too.

      • At 2008.11.09 10:50, inas said:

        u r pc monster