Are Egyptians really bad?

I had this discussion with a friend/second cousin of mine that I thought was really interesting.  He had this idea that as Egyptians we look down on citizens of countries whom we think are less than us.  We are mean, snobby and bullyish to them.  On the other hand when we meet people from more developed countries we act like know it alls to overcompensate for our lack of skills.  His conclusion was “everybody hates us”.  He was half joking but I think there is some truth in what he said.  For example some Egyptians think that they are better than the Indians, but are we?  They have surpassed us in fields like information technology but we still like to act that we are better.  How about the way some Egyptians suck up to Americans and Europeans.

As usual this is not a generalization, this happens from some Egyptians not all of them.  Just think about it and let me know what you think.


  • At 2008.11.30 10:49, insomniac said:

    i think your cousin is right to a huge extent… yes, it’s a general notion, but i’ve seen it too often to deny it!

    i’ve even seen it through my education, not just from students but from egyptian professors and admin officers! they would refer to the Pakistani Finance Prof in a demeaning tone, despite that none of his egyptian colleagues could even do his job half as decently!

    and it’s not just ethnic, some of us Egyptians judge others by their physical appearances like weight, eye and hair colors!!! you know something is wrong when a grandparent looks at his/her new born grandchild we “yemsmaso shafayefhom” wondering why couldn’t they be any “whiter”!!!

    it’s true, some of us are just horrible that way!!

    but don’t you think such people exist in every nationality??? do you think it’s magnified in ours because it’s more or simply because we know first hand it exists?!!

    • At 2008.11.30 10:59, RJay said:

      i like insomniac’s last sentence “it’s magnified in ours because it’s more or simply because we know first hand it exists?!!”

      i think it’s true we are of course harder on our selves because we see the ugly truth up close and if u want to know how other ppl nationalities REALLY discriminate i recommend u guys watch Crash it’s coming soon on MBC too don’t miss it it was a really enlightening movie to me

      it also opened my eyes to try my best to not judge ppl on anything ethnicity, religion ,beauty, or social status

      But the question is

      Is it really THAT easy?

      Everyone is brought up a different way and we were brought up to have certain beliefs and in those beliefs unfortunately lay prejudice

      Like insomniac said in our society white–er girls are prettier so we just act on that belief

      If you are rich or have certain social standing in the society you are automaticlly respected more because people expect you to have more privelege

      It’s pretty hard not to judge

      but i guess like my mom always says if you want to change the world you have to start wth yourself

      • At 2008.11.30 11:56, jessyz said:

        @insomniac: I have no idea if it is because we just know more or not but I think some cultures are less judgmental than others. I am still thinking about it.
        @RJay: says the really white girl ;-). Again I am still thinking about it, when I come up with a smart answer I’ll let you guys know what I think.

        • At 2008.11.30 12:33, Verbal Alchemy said:

          i have always had a pleasant experience with egyptians, i love the country, the laid back attitude of its ppl, and my best friends are both egyptians. i donno why ppl judge an entire country by one or 2 bad examples, or even one or 2 good ones! il nas nufous, w terbay, w ta3amul. mish a nationality..

          but thats just me i guess..

          • At 2008.11.30 13:13, kinzi said:

            My first comment here…I’ve enjoyed reading some of your posts!

            Hubby and I had a loose ‘teaching’ partnership with an Egyptian couple we really liked. They both were young, but had some health issues they felt were ‘curses’. We pointed out that walking would help, they laughed! Then they started saying some wild, untrue things about a Sudanese couple we were also friends with, i mean, WAY not true, and we didn’t believe them. They said “You are Americans, you just don’t understand like we do”. It was essentially: “We Egyptians are a superior race of people, we are always right. You must submit to our way.” whether is was how to make rice, make tea, or more serious things, we saw that attitude too late.

            It was the beginning of the end of the friendship. She and I even had an argument in a teaching situation, and when confronted,denied we were even speaking in English. Mish ma3uul, I am still perplexed by it. But I don’t see them as ‘all Egyptians’. :)

            • At 2008.11.30 14:35, jessyz said:

              @Verbal Alchemy: I am not saying all Egyptians do this. I was just retelling what he told me and that it did make me think.
              @kinzi: thanx for commenting. Of course not all Egyptians are like that but some Egyptians do have the Pharo complex.

              • At 2008.11.30 18:21, mona said:

                Lol @ the Pharaoh complex. I think its true, but not all Egyptians of course. Its hard to deny when it’s so blatant. Not even like hidden or anything. Europeans who come here always say how everyone is SOOO NIIIICEE I’m thinking it has a lot to do with you being European. If tourists came from say, India for example..they wouldn’t get that same treatment. People FAWN over white people here like they need their acceptance.

                • At 2008.12.02 13:15, Mo said:

                  Well in my humble opinion we as Egyptians have a tendency by birth to talk about other ppl (negeeb fe seeret el naas) this is our main hobby as Egyptians. We also have lived our entire history with the belief that certain ppl are better than others by default or by birth. Since the Pharaoh times and all through history. I think that being judgmental is not the problem here i think it’s stereo typing – Europeans and American etc. are good Indians, Pakistanis etc,. are bad. We don’t discriminate based on color or race. for example a black african american is looked up to while a black african but not american is looked down to. etc. etc.

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                    • At 2011.10.07 18:39, ahmadeus said:

                      i experience myself being in egypt.

                      and yes,. they tend to feel like they knew everything,. and which means that you cannot argue with them.

                      it happens even in academic environment,. often the professor are bragging about history, history and history. and that what the lecture is all about. while our topic is about the present and furute issues. it seems that the 30 years of dictatorship has led the people,. even the scholars to think in such a conservative ways. they are not pratical, and in some way which they should be practical,. tehy behave conservative,. but in other hand when they supposed to be so conservative they behave practical.

                      i just hope that thing will be better for egytians,. dont let history leads you to a sense of prideness too far. open you eyes and see around, and examine what things you should be proud of exept heritage.

                      • At 2012.07.11 07:44, james said:

                        egyptians are mother fucker people.they think that they knew everything but they are really really stupid and SUCKS and ASSHOLE…