Control a Kid Remote Control

Kid Remote Control

I saw this and actually thought that we had crossed the bounds of technology and did the impossible of finding a way to control kids.  I love the “Grow up” button, although I might be tempted to use it on childish adults not kids.

Kid Remote Control


  • At 2008.11.10 16:14, Naryat said:

    seems i am not the only one who longs for useful inventions here 😉
    Glad to find ur blog sis!! :-)

    • At 2008.11.10 18:24, mona said:

      HardyHarhar. How utterly useless. Sometimes It makes me mad that people can spend money on such trivial things when there are people starving in this world.

      • At 2008.11.10 18:53, jessyz said:

        @Naryat: happy that you have found us 😀
        @mona: I am not buying it, but if it were real I definitely would, wouldn’t you?

        • At 2008.11.10 20:21, Qwaider قويدر said:

          I actually like the “control your girlfriend” version much better … :)

          • At 2008.11.11 11:50, jessyz said:

            @Qwaider: hehehe and if she has one too, you’re going to end up in a deadlock.

            • At 2008.11.11 15:38, mona said:

              Yea, if it were real Jess! I didn’t think you were buying it, I didn’t mean to go off like that, sorry.

              It’s just I was just watching a program about stupid gagets and all crap people can buy to stuff they’re effing stockings and I just get sick of all the commercialism.

              • At 2008.11.16 12:23, jessyz said:

                @mona: heheheh commercialism sucks, but sometimes retail therapy is the best therapy

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