I’ve been having the strangest dreams.  Dreams of people long forgotten and things I would love to do.  People I have not seen in years keep visiting me in my dreams,  sometimes they say nothing at all and sometimes they tell me strange things.  Fights with people I would really love to fight with.  It is like my dreams have found a way to open that safety valve that keeps everything in order and in check.  Every feeling, unsaid word, angry emotion or confused one, seems to have found a way into my dreams.  I wake up feeling liberated, confused and much lighter.  I am angry, very very angry.  I just wasn’t sure how angry I was until I saw the anger over and over again in my dreams.  Frustration from so many different people and situations.  I have learned the art of self-restraint, and have managed not to confront lots of people whom I am angry with.  Perhaps, because I have learned as well, that over time you forget and it is better to leave some things unsaid.  Time is the best healer but I have also read somewhere that time is a great wound opener.  I would rather not say everything that comes pops into my head than hurt the people I do care about.  Back to the dreams, one of the most interesting ones is when I dream that my car which I had to sell when I move to Kuwait, is stolen and I keep looking for it then I find it but it’s brand new, or the one when I find my cell phone which was stolen in real life.  Maybe I am looking for things which I feel were taken away from me.  Do you have a recurring dream?  What do you dream about?


  • At 2008.11.27 12:23, RJay said:

    Am i in any of the dreams u can tell me if ur mad at me u knw !!

    i dream about chocolate sables alot and that i eat them all and feel extremely guilty that ive eaten them and feel like i need to go for a run heheh but that only happens when im on a starvation date

    • At 2008.11.27 14:36, jessyz said:

      @RJay: I am not mad at you. Actually it would be so great if we could dream of eating whatever we want at will so we wouldn’t crave anything when we were awake.