Friday’s five: Smells I love

  1. Vanilla
  2. Musk (The Body shop’s white musk is the best)
  3. Coconut
  4. New baby smell
  5. Sandalwood


  • At 2008.11.28 11:28, Qwaider قويدر said:

    What about Pinapple? It goes really well with Vanilla and coconut :)

    YUMMY smells

    • At 2008.11.28 11:40, jessyz said:

      hehehe a Piña colada (a non alcoholic one though)

      • At 2008.11.28 14:15, whisper said:

        wow can’t believe it,it’s just like writing my favorite list of smells
        i can add cinnamon and “narges smell” the flower
        i don’t like jasmine smell :$ except as a flower

        • At 2008.11.28 14:33, jessyz said:

          I love cinnamon too, maybe this list should have been 10 or fifteen items. I too don’t like the smell of Jasmines except when they are flowers in bloom and my name is Yasmin. 😀

          • At 2008.11.28 17:26, mona said:

            I love vanilla too. and tuberose? you know that flower they sell by the strand to hang in your car here in Egypt! Also musk is great. and I love coconut shampoos. Bread baking is another great smell.

            • At 2008.11.28 20:02, insomniac said:

              yep! vanilla, cinnamon, coconut are my favorite smells for body lotions and such… people tease me for smelling loving to smell like a cake :)) oh oh oh and cocoa butter :))

              i love the smell of all sorts of flowers, not fragrances made to smell like them, i’m alll for the real deal…

              i love the smell of baby johnson shampoo and the one with lavander too… especially on my kids :)

              • At 2008.11.28 22:46, jessyz said:

                @mona: I like them too, I used to leave them in my car and they’d leave this lovely smell. Baking is awesome too.
                @insomniac: I used to walk into work smelling like cake and they would all look up and say where is the cake. I like the baby shampoo but the regular yellow one, and I have lavender oil which I rub my daughter with right after her bath, before bedtime. She smells so yummy.