If you needed some excitement what would you do?

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  • At 2008.11.16 11:04, Verbal Alchemy said:

    if traveling was cheap i wud do it every weekend! but learning something new or going on a new adventure (especially that i love outdoor activities) is also recharging.

    • At 2008.11.16 21:25, gjoez said:

      After I chose movies, I think the thing that makes me happiest is Saturday morning swimming!

      • At 2008.11.18 05:36, jessyz said:

        @Verbal Alchemy: yes if travel was cheap we would all travel more, sometimes you can also travel in your own city by visiting museums or going on walks. It’s not the same as getting on a train or a plane but it is always a welcome change.
        @gjoez: I love swimming too. Exercise always makes my mood better.