Lipstick and Candles

When I was around two my mother left me with my father for a couple of hours to run some errands. My father decided that we could take a nap and we both did fall asleep. Apparently I decided to wake up and play and since he always was a heavy sleeper he didn’t wake up. I found my mother’s red lipstick and decided to paint my face, my clothes, his face, the bed sheets, the curtains and everything else my two year old hands could reach. My mother came home to a full load in the washing machine.

Today I was baking some brownies and was in the kitchen for 6 minutes and left little Lulu in the living room to play, I heard a noise that I wasn’t really expecting and ran out to see. There was the little innocent angel all covered in red candle wax.  She had managed somehow to pull herself up to the TV table and pull down my red candle and dig her nails into it.  That was not enough fun so she somehow got candle wax in her toes as well, her clothes, my cream colored carpet and the bamboo place mats.   The look of triumph on her face was hilarious.  Miraculously though she did not try to taste it and was just happily making a mess when I caught her.  I ended up washing her up and cleaning the mess.  She enjoyed the washing part because she’s a little ducky who loves water and splashing around.

I had to call my mother and tell her what had just happened and she reminded me that I too had a fondness for painting the house red.


  • At 2008.11.19 17:43, Summer said:

    aren’t kids the cutest thing when they make a mess!!
    nice post! we all did it in one way or another.

    • At 2008.11.19 17:59, mona said:

      Wait..the candle wasn’t lit right? I had this image of hot wax…I guess she just scratched the wax huh? You know they’re up to something when it’s quiet.

      • At 2008.11.19 18:03, RJay said:

        please tell me u took picturesssss

        • At 2008.11.19 23:13, jessyz said:

          @Summer: yes they are super cute.
          @mona: It was not lit of course. She scratched it real hard though. She usually does play quietly for some time.
          @RJay: no I was cleaning up the mess, lamo2a5za!

          • At 2008.11.20 04:17, gjoez said:

            Eb2y fakkareeny ab3atelek a video keda about kids making a mess!

            • At 2008.11.20 04:20, gjoez said:
              • At 2008.11.20 05:56, R. T said:

                hehehe, nice post.

                • At 2008.11.20 09:46, Verbal Alchemy said:

                  LOL i used to paint mom’s duvet covers with her lipstip and when im done, i throw the rest of it outside the window! not to mention the many times i used to use her blushers and eyeshadows as wall paint for my famous didi murals!

                  allah ye7meeha *hug* w y5aleelek yaha :)

                  • At 2008.11.20 09:47, Verbal Alchemy said:

                    typo! lipstick **

                    • At 2008.11.20 11:56, jessyz said:

                      @gjoez: I can make a video too.
                      @RT: thanx
                      @Verbal Alchemy: heheh I can’t remember the incident but I am sure I made lots of messes in my childhood. But my mom was the kind of mom who bought us tons of crayons, colors and paint. She would also make us salt dough and crayon cupcakes.

                      • At 2008.11.23 14:53, Deee said:

                        That post is so sweet, our domestic monster (my niece), is still in the get-everything-out-of-closets/drawers phase! Personally I was the bubblegum guru.. I can’t tell you how many times they had to cut my hair to get the bubblegum out as a child! Oh well.. :)