My mother and my daughter

My daughter was just playing with her new favorite toy, a half empty water bottle which she shakes and throws and makes different sounds with.  I called her name so that she would turn around, she did and gave me the same exact look my mother gives me when she’s concentrating and someone breaks her concentration.  It is a mix of boredom and annoyment.   It is so cute and freaky at the same time.  She is determined and focused when she crawls, curious in everything around her and wants to hold everything.


  • At 2008.11.27 15:16, Deee said:

    That’s my niece’s favorite game too! She and my mom have the same hair, even though her looks are more on her daddy’s side.. she has these looks that are exactly my sister and my mom, since she’s away, sometimes when my mom has a look on her face, close to my niece I’d tell her “would you like me to get you a half empty water bottle to play with?” :)

    • At 2008.11.27 18:05, mona said:

      OH that is just the best. It’s really amazing mashaAllah.

      • At 2008.11.28 17:36, 7aki Fadi said:

        Awww how cute, how old is she?

        • At 2008.11.28 20:07, insomniac said:

          they are amazing at that age… i have photos of my beem playing with a half full mouth wash bottle, you know the ones that have child safe cap :) and of course the mouth wash is green which was far more interesting to him than water… i am so posting the photo for you to see ;)))

          oh and does you baby go grab every single thing and put into her mouth, my mocha used to do that all the time, and still does for kicks of seeing me jump and run towards him :)

          • At 2008.11.28 22:51, jessyz said:

            @Dee: your mother must miss her terribly like my mom.
            @mona: yes, I always say sub7an Allah, she was so tiny and didn’t do anything interesting at first, now she’s amazed by everything.
            @7aki Fadi: she’s 9 months and a bit.
            @insomniac: I’d love to see those photos, she does try to grab the mouthwash when I’m washing her but I always stop her, she does love grabbing the toothbrushes though. She only puts non edible things in her mouth, I’m still struggling to convince her that food should be eaten.