I am in the strangest mood, I am exhausted but I am happy.  I am excited but I am anxious.  I want to go out but I am enjoying chilling in.  I want to read so many books, but I am happy processing what I already know.  I want to talk to a friend but I absolutely content talking to no one.  I want everything and it’s opposite and I am ok with that.


  • At 2008.11.15 11:41, R. T said:

    I can understand this partially, like to be exhausted but happy and so on, to feel all this opposites feelings together is really complex
    I think that “how did you get to that mood?” is the meaningful question here :)

    • At 2008.11.15 14:35, mona said:

      I agree RT sometimes I’m in a great mood and I want to analyze how I got there so I can do it again later!

      • At 2008.11.16 12:24, jessyz said:

        @ RT: ask me no questions, I tell you no lies.:D
        @ mona: sometimes too much analysis leads to paralysis

        • At 2008.11.16 16:49, mona said:

          haha..so true.