The Egyptian Hospital in Bagram

Al Ahram printed this article today, on the Egyptian Hospital in Bagram, Afghanistan.  It is a small millitary hospital in Bagram which treats Afghan patients for free, providing artificial limbs and performing opthalmology operations.  Led by Ahmed Ashry, the hospital has grown from seeing 100 patients a day to seeing and treating whoever walks in.  This is a beautiful story of what Egyptians can actually do.  The article was first reported by Air Force Senior Airman George Cloutier for the American Forces Press Service in the begining of October.  Why did it take our media over a month to report something so special and inspiring?  And why isn’t our millitary doing the same thing in Egypt?  With all due respect to the Afghans, Egyptian patients need just as much help and deserve it from the government they pay taxes too.

I wish we could see more hospitals like this one and more people like the colonel who are willing to go the extra mile for people who need it.