Today’s click trail

I came across a very interesting blog post by Seth Godin saying that it is impossible to please everyone at the same time.  When you stand for something you have to let the other things go.

Then I read this blog post about sisters.

Later I was doing some research of typography and came across these really nice desktop wallpapers and a tutorial on how to make your own.

I was also drooling just thinking about this Coach handbag, but since 698$ is a little (a lot) bit out of my price range, I will just keep on dreaming.

Turns out that love is not all you need either.

But I might need these wrap boots because they look so cool and would totally go with the bag can’t buy and would also look great walking on these pedestrian crossings/art.

Now excuse me because I have to go click some more.

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  • At 2008.11.23 12:12, Deee said:

    That post is just so funny! It reminded me of my failed camera shopping attempts in August, I’d pick out cameras and keep sending the links to my friends, pointing out the differences in things they don’t understand like this one uses CMOS, and getting replies like “Oooooh-Cool!WHATEVER!” and then I didn’t get anything in August. I ended up buying the first camera I ever liked THREE months later! :)

    Anyway, this post put a smile on my face.. click click click away! :)