Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty Cast

Ugly Betty Cast

I’ve been watching Ugly Betty since the very first season (season 3 is now currently being aired).  I loved the show from episode 1 and still do.  I am not much of a TV person but do enjoy shows which are funny, interesting and have some sort of moral to it all.  The show is about Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) who works at a top fashion magazine.  The twist here is that she’s a total misfit who doesn’t really care.  She dresses in the most outrageous outfits complete with really tacky jewelery.  She’s short and plump in a world of models dressed in tomorrow’s fashionable couture.  She has big dreams and wants to make it even bigger but the events trap her in the funniest predicaments.  What I love most is that she is a nice person always trying to do the right thing even though she sometimes fails miserably.  Her insistence on succeeding is just beyond commendable because it reminds us that even when the going gets tough, people who want to make it try harder.

Things I love about the show:

  • The cool outfits some of the actors get to wear (most of it is awesome except of course Betty’s wardrobe which is hideous)
  • The amazing decor at Mode.
  • Mean mean Wilhelmina Slater the evil editor in chief, she’s so mean it’s funny.
  • The great bond Betty shares with her family.
  • How Betty doesn’t try to fit in or change herself to fit in better at mode.
  • The soundtrack


  • At 2008.11.05 05:22, Maher said:

    Ugly betty is Awesome..I didnt get the chance to watch the 2nd season yet..

    I love shows that tries to teach us a lesson or two..
    One Show that never failed to do so…is Friday Night Lights!
    A Heck of a show!

    • At 2008.11.05 09:58, mona said:

      I’ve seen most of the first season and some of the second, I love it. Betty is so cute and lovable.

      • At 2008.11.09 12:13, RJay said:

        i loveeeeeeeeeee ugly betty im an addict

        i have a crush on cliff is that normal??

        • At 2008.11.10 08:06, jessyz said:

          @Maher: heheh you should definitely watch Season 2 and 3 when u get the chance
          @mona: she’s so cuddly
          @Rjay: I thought u didn’t like “fat” people

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            • At 2010.06.30 07:15, Autumn Washington said:

              Friday Night Lights has been my nightime favorite show.-;;