Artsy Paper chandelier

This is an amazing work of art.   A chandelier made totally out of paper.   It looks so pretty, I can even imagine it made in different colors, definitely a pretty addition to any room.

Paper chandelier

If you want to see how it was put together and maybe attempt to make one of your own, here’s the link: Extreme Paper: The Long, Dark Road to a Bright Idea.


  • At 2008.12.07 00:09, mona said:

    WOW…that is beauoooootiful!

    • At 2008.12.30 20:29, Lighting Design said:

      Its amazing to see paper chandeliers, and the design simply the best.

      Thanks for posting

      • At 2009.01.04 14:46, jessyz said:

        @mona: it is so pretty, I’d love to make it someday.
        @Lucy: the design really is awesome.