braggadocio (bra-guh-DOA-see-oo), noun
Someone who makes over exaggerated claims or empty boasts. Also, empty boasts and swaggering self-aggrandizement. Braggarts, dolts all, are acting with braggadocio.
Fighters who can back up their boasts are not simply full of braggadocio, but they are still often controversial.

Do you know someone who is full of braggadocio?



  • At 2008.12.25 18:00, chika said:

    I love this word! Hmm… Let’s see, excluding myself .. hmm.. yeah 2 more :)

    • At 2008.12.25 18:53, mona said:

      Yea, there’s always someone who needs to try to one up everyone and over exaggerate. That example sentence brings Mohamed Ali to mind.

      • At 2008.12.25 19:46, jessyz said:

        @chika: heheheh we must meet and find out then
        @mona: I guess you are right about Mohamed Ali, but he did a lot of good to the country I guess controversial is the best word.